May 1st is International Workers' Day or International Labor Day dedicated to workers and workers around the world. This day celebrates workers and aims to spread awareness of their rights.

"On International Labour Day, welcome our diligent workforce, which day and night are hard to contribute to our nation's progress. We also renew our commitment to

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted: "Happy Labor Day to all workers who have contributed significantly to the construction of the nation. #Shramikdiwas (sic.)"

Here are interesting facts about the history and importance of International Labour Day:the well-being of our workers and bring prosperity to their lives." 

 Labour Day is said to have its origins in the labour union movement in the United States. A union of workers had announced a general strike in 1886 for an 8-hour workday

instead of a 16-hour workday. After this, it became an annual event and May 1 was celebrated as Labour Day.

Labor Day was reportedly celebrated for the first time on 1 January. May 1890 The first Labor Day in India was celebrated in 1923. Chennai, according to reports.

- People around the world watch the day by conducting marches to spread awareness of workers' rights and save them from exploitation.