DJ Tillu movie Hyderabad February 12 2022 DJ Tillu takes a fresh look at the idea of a ‘mass’ film. There’s a familiar formula by which films targeting a large

But then, men and women that make up our cities do not fit into a pre-ascertained mould. DJ Tillu movie Hyderabad February 12 2022 Shere Please

If 2021’s smash hit Jathi Ratnalu dipped into the flavour of Jogipet on the outskirts of Hyderabad, DJ Tillu builds a fun ride centred on a

We get an idea of who Tillu is right at the beginning when his distraught father comments that his son is safer in the hospital, in coma, than on the streets.

He is an entitled brat who doesn’t feel guilty for squandering his father’s money but talks about wanting his ‘professional space’ when his

When this wastrel, who thinks he is street smart, falls in love with Radhika (Neha Shetty), nothing remains the same.

 Radhika is designed as a morally ambiguous character whose moves evoke distrust not just in Tillu, but also us, the viewers.

Is she a victim of liaisons that went wrong, an opportunist, or a mix of both? DJ Tillu movie Hyderabad February 12 2022 Shere Please

There’s a dead body along the way and things get increasingly messy. Tillu is torn between his love for Radhika and desperate to wriggle out of the situation.