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Pyramid Meditation | Understand Spiritual Reality

Topic: Pyramid Meditation | Understand

Pyramid Meditation | Understand Spiritual Reality

in this whole creation, we are just a small speck each one of us is in search of good earth peace knowledge prosperity

harmony and overall a happy and blissful life at all given times and situations each and every person strives hard to achieve this state but can this really

be achieved yes this can be achieved all this is possible only by understanding cosmic energy and self-knowledge now let us know about cosmic energy

the cosmic energy exists everywhere in the cosmos it is the bond between the galaxies the planets humans and molecules it is the space between each and everything

it is the bond that keeps the whole cosmos in order cosmic energy is the life force this cosmic energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to

expand our consciousness cosmic energy is the base for all our actions and functions we receive some amount of cosmic energy in deep sleep and in total

the silence we are using this energy for the day-to-day activities of our mind like seeing speaking hearing thinking and all actions of our body this limited energy

gained through sleep is not sufficient for these activities that is why we feel exhausted tired and tensed this leads to mental and physical stress

and all kinds of illnesses the only way to overcome this is to get more and more cosmic energy Bausch to make energy is essential to

maintain the order of our lives to lead a healthy and happy life – totally involved in all situations we are in to obtain knowledge and finally for expansion of

our consciousness abundant cosmic energy is obtained only through meditation sleep is unconscious meditation is conscious sleep in sleep we get limited energy in

the meditation we get abundant energy this energy enhances the power of our body-mind and intellect it opens the doors for our sixth sense and beyond with this

boosted energy through meditation we will be relaxed healthy and happy it also helps to reach greater heights in the physical realm meditation is nothing but a journey of our consciousness

towards the self, in meditation, we consciously traveled from body to mind to intellect to self and beyond to do meditation first we have to stop all the functions

of our body and mind that is body movements seeing speaking and thinking now let us know how to do meditation for meditation the first thing is the

the posture you may sit in any posture the posture must be very comfortable and stable we can meditate either on a floor

or on a chair, we can meditate in any place wherever we feel comfortable sit comfortably cross our legs clasp our fingers now

close your eyes stop inner or outer chatter don’t chant any month just relax totally relax just relax when we cross

our legs and clasp our fingers energy circuit is formed and gives more stability eyes are doors with the mind so eyes should be closed mantra chanting

or any chattering inner or outer are the activities of the mind so it should be stopped when the body relaxes consciousness travels to the next zone mind and internet mind is nothing but a bundle of

thoughts there are numerous thoughts always coming to the surface of the mind whenever there are thoughts in the mind we may get many questions known or unknown to transcend the mind and

intellect one has to observe the breath observation is the nature of the self so one should just witness the breath don’t do conscious breathing don’t

inhale or exhale consciously let inhalation or exhalation happen on its own just observe the normal breathing this is the main key this is the way

don’t go behind the Fox don’t claim to queries questions or thoughts cut the thought come back to the breath observe normal breathing be

with your breath then the density of the thoughts reduces slowly breath becomes thinner and shorter finally breath becomes the smallest and settles like a flash in between the

eyebrows in this state one will have no breath and no thought he will be totally thoughtless this state is called Nirmal study or no thought state
this is the meditative state you in this state we will be under the shower of cosmic energy the more meditation one does the more

will be the cosmic energy one receives this cosmic energy flows through the energy body it is also called the etheric body

What is Pyramid meditation? What is the relation between meditation and pyramid? Pyramid Meditation | Understand

Pyramid Meditation | Understand Spiritual Reality

meditation has infinite benefits that’s why maximum people do meditation not even in India

meditation importance has been increased in the whole world and the complete world starting to understand the importance of meditation

that’s why meditation is doing in every corner of the world in our

we will know about a little thing Pyramid Meditation | Understand

if you keep this thing during the time of meditation then you will see your mind won’t wander

and you will feel like extreme energy is flowing in your body those people who do meditation or you can say those people who understand meditation

they know the importance of this thing very much in reality, if you use this during the time of your meditation then you will see your mind starts to influence more

so come and let’s start our today video without any time waste and let’s know about that thing

by using that thing your mind will start influence more the people doing meditation say this very prominently that

during the time of meditation if you keep a pyramid with you so your attention starts to be highly effective

or if you do meditation by sitting inside or near any pyramid shape then also your mind will start focusing more than before

now you will think why the shape of a pyramid, in reality, a pyramid shape is considered a magical shape on its own and it is said that positive energy reflect more from a pyramid shape Pyramid Meditation | Understand

that’s why the environment around it start to be positive and the whole environment is filled with positive energy

due to which that man’s mind is calm and at the same time the thoughts that come to his mind start to calm down

the positive energy that reflects from the pyramid effect your mind the shape of the pyramid is considered a miraculous shape

all the pyramids in the world contain many mysteries in themselves if you use the shape of a pyramid during meditation

then you will see by yourself that the environment around it will start calm and positive because positive energy reflects from the shape of a pyramid

which affect our mind and our environment that’s why if you use a pyramid during the meditation then your mind will start to influence more Pyramid Meditation | Understand

if you can do meditation by sitting inside or near the shape of a pyramid then it is a very good thing

or if you keep any pyramid shape in your house during meditation time then also you will see your mind start to influence more

because the positive energy that reflects from the pyramid will completely change the environment around you due to which your mind won’t wander

and neither you feel the requirement of energy near you that’s it in our today i hope you will like this information


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