Earrings in lalitha jewellery India Latest Design Stylish


  • Gold Plated Pearl Peacock Traditional Earrings
  • Stylish Fancy Party Wear Earrings These Jhumka Ear Rings can be worn with all kind of traditional Outfits
  • These beautiful Earrings are handcrafted in brass alloy with pearl stones of very fine quality
  • Ideal Gift for Wife, Girls, Women, Girlfriend
  • Shining Diva is a well known brand across fashion jewellery sector Shining Diva products are preferred by many Designers, Stars and Celebrities Shining Diva fashion jewelry believes in making beauty and fashion a part of everybody’s life Shining Diva offers high quality jewellery
  • Country of Origin: India


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Earrings in lalitha jewellery India Latest Design Stylish

Earrings in lalitha jewellery India Latest

Latest Design New Traditional Earrings – Shining Diva Fashion Jewellery presents these Pearl Studded Peacock Stylish Fancy Party Wear Earrings. A designer pair of Earings that will make you feel like a Diva. The color complements all outfits & may be worn as a statement piece to any occasion. Shining Diva has huge collection of latest stylish Necklace for Women Traditional Jewellery Set and Accessories. Shining Diva is pioneer of Imitation jewellery, Wedding Party Jewellery Set, Designer crystal jewellery, jhumka / jhumki ear rings, studs, tops and american diamond hangings Earrings. Shining Diva Fashion and Traditional Jewellery give true value for your money. Buy Shining Diva trendy, artificial and stylish jewellery for women from Amazon. These are also ideal for special birthday gifts for girls, valentine gifts for girlfriend, wife, wedding gifts and anniversary gifts. Jewelry For Women

How to Choose a Pair of Handmade Earrings As a Gift Earrings in lalitha jewellery India Latest 

It has been said many times that a woman is never fully dressed until she puts on her earrings! That being said, choosing earrings as a gift for someone else is, of course, a lot to consider. Some of these ideas include:

Pierced or cut
Allergic to certain ingredients
How much weight will be on the ears and what is the preference
How long does the recipient like earrings
Hairstyle of the person for whom you choose
Do they wear glasses?
What is face shape
Are they for casual, business or dinner attire

Your first thought is whether or not to choose a pierced earrings or clip. The ears of many women and girls are not pierced. If you are making earrings for sale, try to find designs in which the findings can be swapped to drill or clip. If you choose a pair of earrings as a gift for someone else, you will need to make sure if the ears are trimmed or if the person prefers clip-on styling.

An allergic reaction is a major consideration because many people are allergic to base metals. There are also some individuals who can wear only real gold or silver. When making earrings for sale, it is a good idea to have earrings with a variety of jewelry components to accommodate the needs of people with allergies. I have allergies, but luckily I am wearing any type of earring that I have worn. When buying earrings as a gift, find out what the person can and cannot wear.

The weight of the beads and the material you use to make the earrings is much higher than that used for bracelets or necklaces. You might consider using plastic or light wood in some of your earrings designs, which require extremely light earrings to accommodate. Gift earrings can also be tricky here. Ask questions about the weight of the earrings that your recipient may like.

For the most part, most of the earrings I make right now are quite light in my opinion. Yet for anyone else, they cannot be. If you are making jewelry to maximize your profit, some jewelry may be a good idea for artisans with a variety of plastic or light wooden earrings. I usually craft what I would like to wear so that plastic or wood is not the material I usually use, although I do use plastic flower beads that I find cute.

When choosing earrings as a gift for someone else, be sure to ask that person about the weight of the earrings they normally wear.

Length is something that you should keep in mind while designing earrings or choosing as a gift. Drops and nails are the easiest for most people to wear because they are non-intrusive and do not get tangled in the wearer’s hair.

There is a definite difference between dangling earrings and dangling earrings. The drops are usually the shortest and the pendants are the longest. Some hanging earrings can hang up to 4 inches or more from the earrings and can be heavy enough to lift weights.

In fact, the fashion now in 2020 is that it looks “bigger is better”. Personally, I prefer very short pendants or what are called “riot earrings”, which usually hang about 2 inches from the earlobe, sometimes 3, but no longer than that. Learn from your gift recipient what they like in terms of the length of their earrings.

The length of a woman’s hair actually makes a difference in the type of hair she can wear while wearing her hair. She may not be comfortable with a pair of chandelier earrings because they can get tangled in her hair.

Is the recipient of your gift wearing glasses? Many women do not like to wear earrings which may conflict with the style or color of their glasses. This is an important consideration when trying to decide on an earring gift.

What about the shape of his face? A long face can look even longer when wearing long dangling earrings. Large hoops may not look good on a woman with a round face. Consider the shape of the face of the recipient of your gift, but do not limit yourself to it. Some people like to wear all styles. Ask some questions before purchasing.

Is your gift for professional use or city travel? Many jobs and occupations require subtle jewelry, while for dinner you can probably go with the big and bold.

These are some tips to consider before purchasing earrings as a gift and if you are an artisan jeweler, tips and suggestions also apply.


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