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Philips Hair Straightener Brush Hair in 5 minutes India 2021

Topic: Philips Hair Straightener Brush

Philips Hair Straightener Brush Hair in 5 minutes India 2021


  • Keratin infused ceramic coating for shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair
  • Silk Pro Care to minimize heat damage on hair.
  • ThermoProtect technology which maintains even temperature across the brush to prevent overheating
  • temperature settings (170°c & 200°c) to suit your hair type
  • Triple bristle design gently detangles and straightens while protecting your scalp from heat
  • Fast heat-up time – ready to use in 50 seconds
  • Large Paddle -shaped brush to straighten more hair in one go
  • 1.8M cord for maximum flexibility

Philips Hair Straightener Brush Review

I am happy to be the site and today in this blog I have the new hair styling product which was launched in the Indian market recently and it is now
The Brad is called a Philips and it’s basically like a straightener but it has a brush attachment so you can just brush it through and it shows you how it’s done

Basically this is what it looks like if that’s the thing I’ve received musically from the brand, so I’d like to review it for you guys
Lots of DMC on how this thing performs so I’m going to talk about this in more detail later, I just wanted to show you what this box looks like this is

How come I have mentioned the price is around 3500 rupees and I think on Amazon India it is cheaper than 3500 rupees
And you can basically use this on naturally dried hair and this is supposed to be used as a straightener so it gives you that hair

Straightening is kind of an effect but at the same time it will help smooth out frizz as well so I’m just going to show this to you guys
Using this for a week now and I’m currently loving it so you can basically see what my hair looks like if your hair type is like mine if
The hair is kind of like fine fine hair like this or is it a baby then this product might work for you but if

You have very curly hair I don’t think it will work exactly the way you want it to turn into a very curly hair texture I’m not sure but in my hair texture type
As you can see, it probably looks and really does look almost straight so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to split my hair post
So I divide my hair into two parts using any kind of random hair clips

It can be used and this hair straightener has two heat settings one is medium and one is high and I use it on the medium setting which I prefer


Philips Hair Straightener Brush Hair in 5 minutes India 2021
Prep to use so I’m going to show you exactly although this looks like a hairbrush, you know, I mean technically it’s on any brush, but it looks like

that straightening it out basically I make sure I don’t use it like that if you’re using it like that pushes it toward this, it’s
The hair will flatten it won’t give you that much volume and then you may end up with straight hair but it will be completely flat from the scalp
And that’s not something everyone likes as you know most people want volume so I’m just going to show it

You are so I like to do it because the hairbrush is big as you can see it doesn’t matter to go in small sections so what I like to do is
like that as you can see this way I’m not going to go up and twist it till you give us like a curl at the end so that’s something

That you need some kind of training with her in order to find the type of technique she will practice that will actually suit you, so
I need to practice and use it in order to see how you can make this work for you so I know I’d love to go like that
Do this and that’s it and then it’s hot now so I’m leaving it like staying in the back so yeah now
I move to the next section, I’ll go like this, I’ll be special from here to the left, go like this and then I’d like to do this until it gives

The nice little curve is kinda cool I like to go slow so the entire section of hair is covered with me and as you can see
The frizz is gone again too until it’s on top and there you are and what I’ve noticed one thing is that it’s pretty quick to style my hair with this and
It is very important that your hair is at least 90% dry and that you use it just like any hair straightener you use.
So to make sure your hair is dry in order to use any kind of hot styling tools, so now I’m not

I didn’t take any section for my hair, then again I’ll go like this and then look at the talk and then take another section here
And you didn’t push it that way, well, now I’m going to go ahead and speed up this blog because I showed you how I like to use
This is in detail and I don’t want this blog to be too long so once I’m done straightening my entire hair with this

Phillips straightening brush I am now going to do a side parting as this is one of my areas with a favorite side parting method for me to do and
Voila’s hair is completely styled so this is how my hair looks guys I’m ready I really love this Phillips hairstyle.

So you can see it straight in my hair but at the same time I don’t really like polka street hair so that’s it
I really like the volume it gave me the way I used it like I showed you guys and way like the result a lot of pointers I will share
with you, in order to make this thing work, I need to make sure before I start using this 7 I had semi-wet hair I made sure to use some type of hair serum or
You can use hair mousse or something like that to make the hairstyle last longer so this type is straight

The hair will last a long time until the next time I wet my hair, so I really like this thing I can imagine using it non-stop so here it is
There is something I would definitely give extra and one of the things I would really suggest is that in case you’re not sure about it, you really want to give it a try.
He may suggest you go to a nearby shop you know the same electric stove as hairdressing tools like this and just ask

The store owner then before you buy this it is possible to use this yourself, I noticed you tested it just by testing it on yourself and feel
I really think anyone would like it and then just use it so I would like to suggest one thing that is very easy to use but make sure your hair is absolutely gorgeous
Blow-dry and only use dry hair to style just like you make sure your hair is dry when using his hair.

hair straightener also with hair straightener make sure you can get this kind of effect but you have to be careful but heads now because it can
burn yourself easily but because of the hair straightener please but here only this purple part is a button on this black part so you can see this black

The part isn’t the hot part, that’s in between that shape, it’s the part that looks like hot, so this purple lie is like the color you can see

Dishes that are hot but then in between like that last hard plastic that here thinks of screws, that means once you keep brushing it The stuff inside the hot pricks will stretch your hair, but that’s kind of protection if it accidentally touches your skin, so that’s kind of a view Philips Hair Straightener Brush

The effort to use compared to fake hair now, please know that doubles are posts the one we use to make Emma straighter out of the air so this hair styling tool finally gets a plus on my part I highly recommend this one so yeah it’s my love

You, so I hope you like it, I hope these blogs aren’t too long, and if you really like them, please give these blogs alike, share this review with

Philips Hair Straightener Brush Hair in 5 minutes India 2021
loved ones if you think they also need that kind of asylum – in their life, yeah, and I guess that’s kind of a game Changer When it comes to styling hair so that it looks good, the world loves a lot of growing hairstyle What I really like I really look like with straight, flat hair so this is one thing I will definitely take with me when I travel too, guys if I really like this blog


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