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Philips Hair Straightener | Advanced Philips Selfie India

Topic: Philips Hair Straightener |

PHILIPS BHS384/00 Selfie Straightener (Purple)

Philips Hair Straightener | Advanced Philips Selfie India


  • Long plates for fast straightening; Long plates : 20x90mm
  • SlikPro Care for less heat exposure
  • Ceramic plates for smooth gliding
  • 1.6 m heat safe cord. Swivel cord : Yes. Handle lock: Yes
  • Hair straightener fast heat up in 60 seconds


PHILIPS BHS386 Shine Straightener (Purple)

Philips Hair Straightener | Advanced Philips Selfie India

  • 1.6 m heat safe cord
  • SlikPro Care for less heat exposure
  • Long plates for fast straightening
  • 2 professional temperature settings
  • Keratin infused ceramic plates for Ultrasmooth gliding
  • Hair straightener fast heat up in 60 seconds 


Philips BHS384 selfie hair straightener Vs Philips BHS385 Vs Philips BHS386 advanced straightener

Philips Kera Shine Advanced BHS 386 Philips Selfie Hair Straightener Now BHS 384 and Philips Selfie Hair Straightener BHS385 So there are three hair straighteners model numbers in

Philips and there are a lot of similarities between these three bristles at the moment, so we are often confused about which hair iron to choose

What is the best and the best performing in terms of looks wise and a lot of confusion that also occurs also depends on what we actually need in our straight hair now so what is

Our Expectations So these are the things you guys in this article I’m going to clear all your doubts and I’m going to compare these 3 hairs now we

We will first see the similarity of all these three model numbers, then we will see the differences So this hair straightener belongs to

2 different denominations first Philips era shine in advance you will get 386 BHS hair straightener

Now the other class is essential from Philips, so in these two different models, it’s three and eight and four and three and eight and five.

The three straighteners, and based on my experience, I will share my thoughts and I will share all the small and detailed information

that you need to know about each of the three hair straighteners, let’s start with the similarity first, so Philips bhs385 and vhs386 hair straighteners Straight Now is pretty much the same in terms of looks and wisdom, why is it alike and yes, both of these hair straighteners come

Matte finish color and 384 BHS comes in purple while 385 BHS will get a matte peach and 386 BHS comes back in

A bluish-lilac color with a small floral and graphic print on the top of the hair straightener, so this is the only color difference

The difference between both hair straighteners, so when we talk about them

The temperature of all these 3 hair straighteners, all these 3 hair straighteners have exactly the same temperature, yes all of these hair straighteners come

With a maximum temperature of 200 or 210°C and a minimum temperature of 190°C, the second thing is that each of these hair straighteners comes with Temperature adjustment feature where you can adjust the temperature according to your hair texture as per your convenience you can reduce it

The temperature if you want it and the minimum temperature you get is 190 and the maximum temperature is 210 degrees Celsius Whether you are looking for a Philips brand or you are choosing a hair straightener from any other brand, make sure you choose this feature where you can control the temperature at

which you can  Work in different temperatures as per your comfort as per your hair texture because sometimes we really need to do the finishing touches on our hair to see if you straighten out
Today and every day I love Philips Hair Straightener |

I want to do a few touch-ups and then I need to work at a lower temperature because the reason to put a lot of heat you know for the finish is also that way It can reduce the temperature and this is the beneficial way, it reduces heat damage, and all that is the good thing about hair straighteners

When we talk about the actual size of the straightener, I mean I’m talking about the volume that doesn’t reach the size of the plate as the overall volume of this straight hair now
The selfie BHS 385 hair straightener and the Philips era shine advanced bhs386 are both quite similar in appearance in terms of length and
The size of the straightener now is exactly the same as the length of the plate and the size of the straightener are exactly the same and there is no difference between them Both are lightweight
Both rooms are exactly the same when we talk about vhs three eight four which comes in purple

So this is 384 BHS so this hair straightener is smaller compared to the VHS 385 and BHS 386 hair straighteners so it is lengthwise also smaller and when
Talking about the actual plate length of the hair straightener is 384 BHS which is shorter compared to the hair straightener VHS 385 and BHS 386

Say the BHS 384 hair straightener is small

The hair straightener is from the Philips range which is not too small but it is a little shorter compared to both hairs at the moment.
Each of this hair straightener comes with a plate lock and unlock feature which means you can lock the plates and

You can also open these two pages and the lock and unlock feature makes the hair straightener easy to travel and you can carry this hair easily
A straightener paws in your bag and you can keep it safely somewhere because sometimes some with budget straighteners and
Hair iron is a bit cheaper, you won’t get that kind of plate lock and unlock feature, so you should check it out because

It is very important that the hair straighteners are inexpensive and sometimes the brand does not provide this feature
Let’s take an example of the popular professional hair straightener in the iconic lamp professional hair straightener, you will not get the feature of locking and unlocking the plates though

It’s Rs 2,700, so all 3 of these hair straighteners come with a slide-out button here, you’ll get one slide button, a padlock and an unlock button on the top
then a hair straightener, so all these buttons have a similar button, and all the buttons are placed in the same place in all these 3 straighteners
So here is a slider button where you can turn it on and off right from the hair straightener now and if you move it

After that, you can adjust the temperature from 190 to 210, so this is very easy and simple, and the power plug for all these 3 hair straighteners is really
Good quality, it’s not like a very thin pin or something that fits perfectly on the keyboard and doesn’t pull or loosen while straightening, so
Good thing, so the main difference between each of these three hair straighteners is the coating of this hair iron and the coating of the plates of this hair

Hair straightening in BHS 384 and BHS 385 Selfie hair straightener comes with ceramic coating while Philips era shine advanced BHS 386 hair straightener
The hair straightener comes with a ceramic coating infused with keratin, so the keratin-infused ceramic coating is one step better compared to a ceramic coating. And you usually get keratin-infused ceramic coatings in expensive straighteners and some kind of high-quality mini hair straightener, so that’s the outermost layer.

The difference between these three hairs
straighteners so it’s up to you like uh what polishes do you want and what’s your other budget though price-wise booth all three Hair straightener is a type of hair straightener with three, eight, five, three, eight, and six priced between fifteen and seven hundred rupees on amazon, while uh BHS three hair straighteners, six you can find for 18 to 1900 rupees on amazon, these hair straighteners are always in some Philips Hair Straightener |

discount, so this is the price range you should check current prices so in my suggestion instead of going with 385 pesos you can Philips Hair Straightener |
Add an extra 200 rupees or 300 extra rupees and go for 386 pounds for straight hair now in your desired hair straightener.
Get a keratin-infused ceramic coating and for long-term use For daily and regular use, this type of coating reduces

Severe heat damage and that’s really nice it’s smooth and will give you a new free look compared to ceramic coating
While the 384 BHS hair straightener is slightly smaller in comparison to the 3 8 5 BHS and 3 8 6 BHS hair straighteners, so if you are traveling
A lot and want a very compact, stylish, and easy-to-travel hair iron, then you can use the BHS 3 8 4 Hair Straightener that will work for you.

Super cute hair is now travel friendly and comes with a ceramic coating so you won’t miss anything big in this straight hair now
The only advantage you get with the VHS 384 is that it is very travel friendly, lightweight, and very easy to use and I would say 385 BHS
Hair straightener 386 BHS 384 BHS gives a kind of straightening similar to the hair straightening end result
It will be the same in all these 3 hair straighteners

Because all of these hair straighteners come with a maximum temperature of 210°C, I would say for men 386 and 385
Straightening would take almost exactly the same amount of time whereas 384 pounds for straight hair now would take an extra 10 minutes because the length

From the actual board the 384 BHS has a hair straightener that is a bit shorter compared to the 385 BHS and 386 BHS now, and if you want to see the demo for everyone
Of these three hair straighteners

Separately, I made a separate video about each of these hair straighteners where I made a review, I also used this hair straightener
For the purpose of straightening my entire hair and if you want to know how this curling iron performs in terms of curls
Then again there’s a separate video, as usual, to go around on my channel so you can check out

How do I curl hair with these model numbers and this article will find the details I wanted to share with you all and
Hope you like this article


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