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Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair

Topic: Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice

If you are struggling with your hair growth journey and feel like throwing in the towel or doing nothing

Is this onion juice legit for hair growth or not before I get into science I want to bring up these blogs I found from

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair

Blogging your health

She has 31 million weird views about onion juice I didn’t realize how much people wanted to know if onion juice worked or not Before we move on, leave a comment if you have ever tried onion juice and what were your results, I am very curious to know so let’s take a look at this blogs real fast titled Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice

How To Grow Long Thick Hair With The World’s Best Onion Remedy For Hair Growth These are some really big claims for thick hair so the first thing

What you need to do is chop the onion into small pieces and then the second step is to mix it together until it becomes a paste and then extract the juice by pressing the Put it in a colander and apply it to your scalp for 40 minutes and then wash it off with a gentle shampoo and then your hair is supposed to grow back.

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair
Faster if you do it twice a week, let’s say a month or something like that and a bunch This really works oh my gosh I’m trying this to work well is this legit this myth is what the science says here are some of the claims I’ve found On why onion juice is so beneficial for your hair and scalp, first is that onions are high in dietary sulfur.

It is a major component in the amino acids found in proteins, especially in keratin. Keratin is a sulfur-rich protein found in Healthy hair The other claim is that it helps boost blood circulation in the scalp and boosts collagen production on your skin in your hair but.

The question is whether this is the case and what is better to eat onions than to apply them topically because these amino acids are directly absorbed into your system. It will be a better blood flow delivery system than it is applied topically in In my opinion I don’t know this because there is little evidence and not a lot of tests on onion juice in vivo vs in vitro

Another point is I can see how it might work on your scalp but it’s hard for things to properly penetrate the hair follicles even oils struggle to penetrate. Especially if you have low porosity hair coconut oil has been found

Trent is best for medium and high porosity hair because of its low triglycerides, which are medium-chain triglycerides. Molecular weight and straight linear chain that can penetrate the hair shaft and deliver all the protective values ​​it provides Unless you mix onion juice with coconut oil or another really good carrier oil for hair penetration, I don’t know very well Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice.

Old onion juice will cut through the hair shaft and they may just sit outside. These are just my thoughts and opinions Before I finish my research let’s dig into

what I found so first I’ll say the research was really little, and I was only able to find one study that was Published in July 2014 in the Japanese Journal of Dermatology, they received 38 patients, all suffering from alopecia areata.

Which by the way is different from androgenetic alopecia, it is commonly known as male pattern baldness female pattern baldness where alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease A disorder where your immune system tends to attack hair follicles resulting in patchy patches all over your head,

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice so this study looked at 38 patients with alopecia areata, so the average age was 18 to 22 years but ranged all the way from five to 42 years and two The groups were advised to either apply onion juice or tap water to their hair and scalp twice daily for 60 days.

When I reached my final 2-week coarse hair regrowth point, I actually started in patients treated with onion juice and after four weeks of regrowth

seen in 17 patients and after six weeks hair regrowth was seen in twenty out of thirty-eight patients, so it is also important to note that hair The rate of hair growth was significantly higher in males than in females, and only two patients experienced hair regrowth in the tap water control group.

So, by taking a quick look at this study, someone may come to the conclusion that onion juice can help you regrow your hair if you are struggling of hair loss but there are two things I don’t want to point out first, the first is that this was a very small sample size of 38 patients

Few of them did not even complete the experiment Not enough data to be able to say with confidence that this works, so I would like to see the sample size in

At least a thousand or more to evaluate this like viability and the second thing is that this has only been done and for people with alopecia areata I haven’t. I found any research on this working in people with male pattern baldness or telogen effluvium, and many other causes of hair loss could work for them, yes

I probably don’t know I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m just saying there have been no other legitimate studies that I can find it’s just not enough research that I can say I’ve found plenty of anecdotal evidence on YouTube of people with male pattern baldness experiencing various forms of hair loss trying it out.

themselves and they get results so take this anecdotal evidence and try it out for yourself if you want but I also found there is no zero downside The effects of applying onion juice on your hair out of your hair smelling like onions for a few days or if you are allergic to onions, I’m probably going to be You probably wouldn’t use this method if you put some essential oils like peppermint

Or tea tree, you can help suppress the smell but if you’re experiencing hair loss or you’re seeing receding hairlines, who am I to tell you not to?

Try it as a scrub yourself, it will probably work for you if you are ok with the smell of onions, there are other claims that it will speed up hair It is important to note that if something works as a treatment for someone who has been diagnosed with something

Like pattern baldness or alopecia areata as they see the results, it does not mean that these same results will pass or that those results will be It will be improved in some way so that it looks like

I’m trying to gain muscle and one nutritionist recommends eating a point of eight to one gram of protein per pound of body weight in order to maximize muscle gains that don’t mean that Double that and eating 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight will accelerate

my muscle gains faster, so more doesn’t always mean
Better so there is usually a healthy amount of nutrients your body needs and any excess can have a negative side effect, for example, zinc

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair

A vital nutrient for hair growth, and if you are deficient in zinc, you may lose hair, and zinc supplementation can bring you back into balance and help with hair.

hair loss but if you exceed the amount and supplement with too much zinc it can backfire and lead to hair loss again, so I am not saying that too much onion juice will cause you hair loss

This is not my point that more does not always mean better, so there is no evidence that healthy individuals who use onion juice in their Your scalp will experience faster hair growth, it may smell like onions for a few days, you know, I’m all about embracing people Their Hair Growth Journey I think there is something so admirable about a man

From sticking to a goal like getting longer hair and having the patience and persistence to achieve it, many people are looking for hacks nowadays. As for the shortcuts, they are looking for the best hack to get

where they want to get to, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of these things and The truth is all you really have to do is know to eat well and exercise, reduce your stress levels, sleep for 8 hours every night and be patient. And you’ll get there I promise, and if you need support to get there and move on

I’m trying onion juice on my hair, I have no desire to smell onions I would probably be fired by my pregnant wife who has a very strong sense of smell. the bedroom and kick me out of the house if you try, I’m not your father, do what you want, like a man knocking on himself, it’s your life ain’t there

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair

The negative side effects that many people have reported have improved their thickness and stimulated their growth, and these are all the anecdotal evidence that I Onions Not the knife around the onions We remove the onion paper from the peel Dice Antonio Antonio cut the onions, Hartmann, On the onions and on
Then you’re the only one of onions with onions on the road here Tony you own

WOW Skin Science Onion Hair Oil REVIEW Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice

The products that I will be reviewing today are from the Wow Skin range which is the red onion and black seed oil hair care set which includes the shampoo

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair


Hair Oil Conditioner and Hair Serum and out of the four I received, I’ve already been using the shampoo and conditioner since February of this year

Hair oil and hair serum that I recently started using and this is what I have been using for a couple of weeks or so talking about the packaging that comes in a plastic bottle

Plastic and this bottle is recyclable as you can see it has a recycled tag on the bottom of each tube which is a good thing, all products are completely mineral oil-free paraben free

Silicon free, sulfate-free, 100 vegan, gluten-free, completely chemical-free, and they’re all dermatologist tested too, so now let’s go individually and talk About the products so the first product I’m going to talk about to you guys is this so this hair oil is actually a blend of a lot of oils

Woman Getting Her Hair Shampoo

So it contains Sweet Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Oil, Castor Oil, Moroccan Jojoba Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Onion Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, Lemon Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate which is Vitamin E.

In fact, this product is sold in 349 pieces for a 100ml bottle, this one comes with a comb as well so you can easily attach it on the bottle and you can gently apply it to your scalp and massage it gently and gently

Surprisingly, this whole line of onion hair products doesn’t smell like onions at all, so you don’t have to worry about stinky stench because they don’t smell like onions.

It smells like onions and actually smells good, they say it is a nonsticky and nongreasy hair oil and makes your hair silkier and stronger I will definitely agree

It will make the hair silky and strong but it is not a non-greasy oil I haven’t yet found a non-greasy oil for sure I will say it is a non-sticky oil but it is still kind of greasy and you may want to keep it overnight if you have very dry hair from my scalp, I feel like my scalp is really greasy and it got greasy very quickly so I prefer to use Not for more than an hour and after one hour just rinse with shampoo until shampoo is 300ml bottle Sold

She says it helps treat hair fall build-up in the scalp and weak, dull hair which I totally agree with it definitely helps with hair restoration and definitely reduces hair loss. Hair fall and hair breakage as I already told you I have been using shampoo since February


Let me tell you how I got into the shampoo after giving birth Even after giving birth, I was having a lot of hair loss as if I thought I was going to go bold or something, and if you could tie it in if you already had kids, you might know that plump hair is sick, so my husband has actually been using this on his Kolkata I was in Amritsar, so when I got back to Kolkata it actually forced me to use this and it actually reduced my hair fall for about 50% of my hair.

Not my hair in one go you would have to use it for two to three washes but this actually worked for reducing my hair postpartum

It is hormonal I know your hair will fall for sure but it reduced my hair fall, trust me it reduced my hair fall and that’s why I kept using it

This is so far, so the application is like any normal shampoo, just take a few pumps and just lather it all up on your scalp, this won’t lather beautifully because It’s a surfactant shampoo plus I wear oil so after using this shampoo, he says it makes your hair shinier and shinier, my hair has been shinier.

coarse I don’t know why but they were more frizzy but I would like to mention that after I’ve been using hair oil lately I didn’t feel like my hair was coarser I mean they were just like before but yeah this actually does reduce hair fall now coming to my favorite product from the range and this is the conditioner so this is it
This amazing conditioner helps strengthen hair follicles, reduces hair loss, repairs breakage, protects damaged hair, and adds shine and volume to dull hair.

And I totally agree with that, so all those curly-haired beauties who have unmanageable hair just might as well agree with me. Very very very cool air conditioner


It’s so important to your hair conditioner that it’s actually going to lock in all the moisture and give you that beautiful, silky smooth hair that’s actually beautiful, beautiful hair.

Conditioner plus it gives me a nice beautiful shine and shine to my hair and my hair becomes less frizzy after using this conditioner so it’s actually really good

So I just wring out my hair and then apply the conditioner so it’s suitable for all hair types and I keep the conditioner on for five minutes before I rinse my hair with plain water.

And the last step is the hair serum so this is how the hair serum looks like it comes with a pump which is a good thing so the 100ml bottle of serum

Retailing for  it is a water-based serum that helps hydrate, revive dry strands, promote healthy shine and protect strands from breakage. And to calm frizz and frizz, just take a few drops of cinnamon in the palm of your hand and distribute it evenly on washed and dried hair twice.

Start with medium length hair and move on to thicker hair so you don’t have to apply this to your scalp because it will leave you with oily hair and I absolutely love the serum and it is Very effective and because this serum is a water-based serum it is completely non-greasy and non-sticky, Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice so using the product phone can be due to many

Reasons such as losing weight if you are gaining weight if your lifestyle is poor after hormonal pregnancy Due to some frank infection, for any reason of hair loss for any reason, just a haircare routine will give you good results.

And for me personally, I have been suffering from hair loss due to postpartum so it has been almost 10 months and I have been using hair and hair shampoo. conditioner and I have absolutely no complaints with them so these products are relatively new to me and I don’t see any reason to hate them Because these will not harm my hair, they are chemical-free how can they be harmful to your hair but yes if you ask me please go in with

This range is if you are facing any amount of hair loss and this will definitely help you reduce your hair, so if you rate all 4 products First, it will be the conditioner and shampoo, then the hair oil and the last will be the serum, so I personally felt the difference from the third or fourth use.

Very effective on first use and you might think it’s just a gimmick or something nothing like that but trust me I use it religiously for Three or four users and then you can make a decision if you are not satisfied with the results just skip it otherwise it is good to trust me on that

Onion For Hair Growth | Onion Juice REALLY Make | Onion For Hair


It will work for you, in addition to being a curly girl myself, my hair didn’t weigh down my curls, and I still had beautifully defined curls Even after using it because it has no surfactant, no parabens, and nothing so it will be very good for your hair trust me so I guess

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