NYC Lipstick Price in India 2021

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NYC Lipstick Price in India 2021

Topic ; NYC Lipstick Price in India

 N.Y.C. Kitten Colours Lipstick, CS Red NYC Lipstick Price in India

NYC Lipstick Price in India 2021


  • Bright provocative red
  • Unique formula is long-wearing
  • Contains antioxidants to soften lips
  • Colours that rock
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics; Tested on celebrities not animals

Bright provocative red. A true red with a hint of pink. This unique formula is long-wearing and contains antioxidants to soften lips. About manic panic – it all began in 1977 when two bronx born sisters tish and snooky, at the time singers in the original blondie line-up, added some extra ambition to their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. They gathered up some of their clothing designs and with a 500 dollar loan from their mom and opened America’s very first punk-style boutique on N. Y. C. ’S infamous St. Mark’s place. Mom coined the name “manic panic ” as her two daughters rocked by night and became business proprietors by day. New York had never seen anything as cool as manic panic. The store catered to the punk rock and alternative crowd with hipsters coming from all over the world to shop, see and be seen there. The original manic panic boutique became an icon of “first generation punk. ” Tish and snooky introduced their customers to manic panic hair dyes in every colour of the rainbow with matching wild colours for lips/nails/eyes. Manic panic hair colour and cosmetics’ popularity soared in the late 80’s and the sisters began distributing their line on a small scale right out of the little store. The same people who laughed at the manic panic look in the 70’s began clamouring for it in the 90’s as tish and snooky watched their hair dye worn proudly by high fashion models and celebrities of all kinds. Suddenly manic panic exploded in the magazines, television, major motion pictures. Adios tiny shop, hello huge warehouse. Tish and snooky’s manic panic N. Y. C. Remains the leader in counter culture hair colour and cosmetics. We see manic panic hair colour on celebrities and on people of all ages, from all walks of life. Today people are conscious about their environment and the products they use. Tish and snooky’s world famous hair colour is vegan and received an award from the folks at peta. The entire manic panic line is cruelty-free.


N.Y.C. Ultra Moist Lip Wear, Mahogany 320B

NYC Lipstick Price in India 2021


Brand N.Y.C.
Colour As shown in the image
Item Dimensions L x W x H 21 x 21 x 76 Millimeters
Item Weight 23 Grams


Top 10 Lipstick Tips NYC Lipstick Price in India


1 # lipstick tip

Whenever you wear a red lipstick, it is a good idea to hide it around the mouth area. A red lip focuses all the attention on the lip, so it's worth it if you take that extra time to hide it. Hiding will also make the lip more visible giving the illusion of fuller lips.

2 # lipstick tip

Apply concealer to your lips when wearing a light pastel shade. Our lips are naturally pigmented therefore simply hiding the edges can make your lipstick shade look its best. Avoid using white to hide. Better to rub a little foundation over the lips or hide with a concealer.

3 # lipstick tip

Icy lipsticks are meant to make the lips look fuller, but they can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and emphasize the chaps on the lips. Preferably use a cream lipstick and apply a dash of shimmering eyeshadow by applying it only to the center of the lips. Press lips to blend.

4 # lipstick tip

If your lipstick has trouble staying, dab a little translucent powder on your lips between coats. Apply a layer of lipstick, put a tissue on top, powder over the tissue with a brush making sure the powder passes through the tissue. The powder will absorb excess oil and help it stay longer.

5 # lipstick tip

Matte lipsticks tend to dry out and can emphasize lip lines. To avoid this, you can apply a thick lip gloss first, preferably a dull one, wipe it off. Then apply lipstick or apply with a brush. This way, the gloss will fill in the lip lines.

6 # lipstick tip

If your lips are too full and you want them to look smaller than using a concealer pencil around your lips, smudge with your finger and use a dark lipstick on the inside of your lips to get the desired shape. Don't overdo it, as it may seem obvious.

7 # lipstick tip

Use your finger to apply lipstick to give your lips a nice pop of color. When doing so, it is best to apply the lipstick only on the inner part of the lips, as the lips are naturally pigmented darker towards the tips. This will give your lips a color above all.

8 # lipstick tip

If you've purchased a lipstick that has a cool undertone and you want it to be warm undertone, don't worry. Wear the cool shade lipstick on your lips and then cover it with a warm shade gloss. If you don't like glitter, use a warm-toned lipstick or bronzer powder.

9 # lipstick tip

When you use lip liner, make sure it is well mixed with the lipstick. The best way to do this is to run the lip brush on the line where the lip liner meets the lipstick. This will give you a nice gradient for a sophisticated look.

10 # lipstick tip

Use a brush for a precision line. Lipstick bullets come in many shapes, but not all of them are made for every lip. We all have different lip sizes, so using a brush will give a nice line. Use a brush especially when using red or dark lipsticks.


Great Lipstick Tips 

Have you ever been frustrated because your lipstick has worn off? Or what is in your teeth? Do you want to know how to get the most out of your lipstick? And what color to use? We will answer all your questions here and now.

The first thing to think about is the color and type of lipstick to choose. The color of the lipstick generally depends on your individual taste Cream lipsticks contain moisturizers and provide good coverage. Moisturizing lipsticks give you great hydration and a beautiful shine. Lip tints are great if you want a more lasting subtle color. Lip glosses are fluid and shiny and generally contain the most moisturizers.

The key to applying lipstick well is using a lipstick brush. Using a lipstick brush, apply your lipstick evenly on your lips. To load the brush, gently run the bristle over the top of your lipstick as well. Be careful not to push too hard. To apply lipstick, gently move the brush across your lips, pressing gently. Then fill in the corners and fine lines to make sure all of your lips are covered evenly.

The best thing about using a lipstick brush is that you can control the amount of lipstick you apply, give a thinner layer, and make sure your lipstick is applied evenly. The thinner the layer of lipstick, the longer it will last.

How to make lipstick last longer on lips:
To make the lipstick last longer, the trick is to apply a light layer of translucent makeup powder over the lipstick. This sets the lipstick in place and prevents it from rubbing off easily. Be careful to use very gentle sweeps when applying the powder, otherwise you may accidentally remove some of the lipstick.

Taking care of your lips:
It is essential to protect your lips from sunburn. Use a lip balm that has SPF when you plan to be in the sun. Soften your lips and speed up the skin renewal process with a lip scrub. Use every two to three weeks to keep lips soft and remove dead skin cells. Minimize the use of lip liners; draw moisture out of the skin. Always use lip balm, lipstick, or lip gloss to keep lips moist.

Prevent lipstick from staining your teeth:
After applying your lipstick, wrap your finger in a clean tissue. Insert the tissue between your lips and close your lips around the tissue. Gently remove the wrapped finger from between your lips. This picks up excess lipstick that could otherwise stain your teeth.

Prevent lipstick from seeping into the lines around the lips:
To prevent lipstick from seeping into the lines around the lips, use a lip liner. Line all of your lips with the lip liner, making sure it matches the color of the lipstick you are using. This not only prevents the lipstick from bleeding, but it will also allow the lipstick to last longer.

To prevent lipstick from seeping into the lines around the lips, line your lips with a lip liner that resembles the color of the lipstick.

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