Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021

Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021
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Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021

Nail Designs with Polish Professional

Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021


  • Package includes – 5 Image plates (5 Different Random Designs Will be Shipped), Silicone stamper & scraper, 2 Bottles Special Stamping Nail Polish ( 1 White & 1 Black)
  • Size of each image plate – 12 x 6 Cm, Material – Stainless Steel
  • Clear silicone stamper allows you the see the actual stamping area
  • A very nice gift to girls and women

 Nail Designs with Polish Professional Art Kit Paint Design



  • This nail design stamping kit is professional and easy to use. It is a great accessory for manicures and pedicures.
  • The 5-Minute Mani: Cuticle Mask surrounds the nail and cuticle with an intense moisturizing treatment
  • The dryer will switch on automatically when the rest stand is pressed, convenience to use
  • Create hundreds of salon designs with pro nail stamping
  • package includes = 1*saloon express+1*nail dryer+1*nail mani

BORN PRETTY Nail Designs with Polish Professional Cat Eye Nail Polish

Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021


  • Specification: Brand: BORN PRETTY Quantity: 1 Bottle Capacity: Approx. 6ml Color: As the pictures show
  • Feature: 100% brand new. Darker base can help to get better effect. Professional quality nail polish ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.
  • Comes with brush making nail art fast and easy for everyone. Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.
  • Instructions: 1. Apply a layer of base coat waits it dry. 2. Apply a layer of Nail Polish. 3. Put the magnet stick over the nail for 15-20 seconds to get the shape you want and wait for it dry. 4. Apply a layer of top coat wait for it dry. 5. Finished.
  • No grinding. No filing. Package Contents: 1 Bottle BORN PRETTY 6ml Foggy Cat Eye Nail Polish No drying time after application ||

Soak-off UV LED Nail Art Design Nail Designs with Polish Professional 



  • Specifications: * Brand: CANNI (100% original) * Capacity: 7.3ml * Wear Time: 2-3 weeks * Type: soak off UV&LED gel polish
  • Features: * 14+ days of high-performance wear * Stunning crystal shine * No nail damage
  • How to Apply Gel Polish: 1. Prepare the nail, file, dry and buff the nail. 2. Apply a thin layer of base coat (remember to seal the edge of the nail) and cure in the UV lamp. (Please note that each layer of UV GEL will leave a sticky residue. Do not remove as this helps the next layer adhere to the nail.) 3. Shake the color coat bottle vigorously to blend. 4. Apply a thin layer of UV gel color and cure in the UV lamp.
  • 5. Apply second layer of UV gel color and cure in the UV lamp. 6. Apply a thin layer of our Top Coat / No Wipe Top Coat and cure in the UV lamp. * Recommended curing time for a 36-watt UV Lamp is 2 minutes, while for a LED lamp it is just 1 minute.
  • How to Remove Gel Polish: 1. Soak nails in a glass bowl filled with a small amount of pure acetone, or wrap each nail in cotton pad soaked with pure acetone for around 5 to 10 minutes. 2. Product will start to become soft and you can gently file it away or slide it off using a small wooden stick.


Professional Uv Led Nail Lamp For Nails 




  • 48W UV LED Lamp With 24 Pieces Led Bulbs.
  • 10s/30s/60s Timer Set And 90s Low Heat Mode.
  • Comfortable white light, NO-Hurt Eyes, NO-Black Hands.
  • Circular arch design, great interior space with removable base, make it easier to cure 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time.
  • Ideal for all nail gels, and suitable for complete beginners and professional nail technicians.

Bottles 3D Nail Art Decoration Rhinestones Diamonds Sequins

Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021


  • Color: Randomly Mix. Every product the combination is different, just like everyone of us is unique. Every bottle inside is wonderful, only you can discover the inside beauty of it.

 INTERNATIONAL Mirror Sparkly PASTLE COLOR Butterfly Nail Sequins

Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021



VIKSON INTERNATIONAL Mirror Sparkly Butterfly Nail Sequins Paillette Mixed Colors Nail Holographics Glitter 3D Flakes Slices NAIL Art Accessories. These Nail Art Tips are suitable to use on top of nail polish ,UV builder gel, acrylic ,etc. And Suitable For Professional or Home Use. Feature 100% brand new and high quality Nail decoration Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails You can also use them to decorate your home, cell phone’s case, glasses, made card, body art, etc. Descriptions Material: Nail Glitter Sequins Quantity: 1 Box Styles: High Quality Color: As the picture Package: 1 Box Nail Sequins Glitter

VIKSON INTERNATIONAL 20 Pcs Set of Extra long Natural Color Coffin French Nails

Nail Designs with Polish Professional Nail In India 2021


  • Long natural coffin false fake nails
  • Material: acrylic
  • Scene: party, cosplay, egress, appointment
  • VIKSON – New Arrival 20 Pcs /Set of Designer French Bridal Wedding Flowers False Nails Nail Art Design Acrylic Full Fake self adhesive Nail Tips 100% Brand new in retail package Durable Nail Art Practice / Display Suitable for nail polish / nail decoration display Acrylic nails For professional studio use or home use Item Type: False Nail Type: Full Nail Tips Size: Normal Sizes (10 sizes) Application: Finger Nail Length:2-0.8 cm Material :Acrylic Quantity:20 pcs / set Nail Width:1.5-0.8cm style:  Fashion, French, Lace Designed suitbale scene: party ,cosplay, egress, appointment Tips weight:0.54KG color: Transparent item type: False Nail package content:20 x False Nails ( Pieces) + 1 NAIL GLUE AIL GLUE STICKER SHEET

Nail Easy Quick Nail Art Polish



  • TBOP Imported Nail Art Polish Stickers are quality product with exclusive design
  • Nail art stickers meant to make nail art easy for everyone
  • Our nail art stickers give you a perfect finish and last up to two weeks

All That Glitters Nail Designs with Polish Professional – Simple Nail Designs

The easiest way to add a little creativity is to add texture. Glitter polish can be an adornment needed to take a simple nail design from simple to trendy. However, too much shine will ruin your design. There is a way to tone the glow with a solid color.

Simple glitter nail design

The image features forest green confetti on a lime green background. Glitter or confetti adds a little sparkle and interest to this simple nail design. These hands will actually stand in a photo shoot or attract the attention of their clothes. The great thing about simple nail designs is that you can easily choose different colors without sacrificing the design. For example, if you use a bright red glow and a baby pink background, these nails will look gorgeous. It would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you want a fresh and earthy look then this look is also fantastic.

To achieve this form, do the following:

• Start with the shine polish you like first. Paint your nail tips with polish.

• Allow glitter polish to dry.

• Apply solid color nail polish on your nails. Start by painting more than half of the glitter nail polish (diagonally) and then paint the rest of the nail below.

• Finish with a clear polish or top coat.

Here is an advice! Make a little design on your base coat to make your nails even more interesting. Do not overdo it, because the shine is sufficiently heavy.

Cute Nail Designs to Accessorize Clothing

Some nail polish colors and designs can take a complete look from great to stunning. Having an understanding of style is one thing that most people have to perfect, but when you look at the style correctly, you know the difference immediately. It is often small things and it is the extra steps that matter like nails, and the makeup details that set them apart from the public. Creating cute nail designs and cute ideas thinking takes patience and time if you are going to do them yourself, but in the end it is usually worth the effort. As a tip, make sure you use a strong and well-known nail polish brand so that you can preserve your nails for as long as possible. There is nothing worse than starting to tote your nails the day you applied the polish.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing nails on your own and you can take something that can look casual and dress it up with the right jewelry, shoes and nail polish. Nail polish and design can also match the color choices on clothes and shoes. Color matching is a must and such nails that go with outfits can really stand you out. Picture yourself wearing a neon pink top, a black skirt and some white or pink heels. Now paint your nails with a base color of white and some neon pink and black abstract lines on top of the white background. The final product is something that is beautiful and over the top, but corrected and you will often find that cute nails can be a conversation starter for both women and men.

Nail art ideas are about creativity. If you’re not very creative, feel free to take pictures on the web or watch videos on YouTube; There are hundreds of each. Nail art designs are not just for classy shows, they can also be for everyday looks or holidays. Go to black and orange for Halloween, white and black for New Year, or green and red for Christmas. Ideas can be tailored to all age groups and the best thing is that it is relatively inexpensive, especially if you choose to go to a salon versus your own nail. This is a lot more beneficial not only for monetary purposes but also for doing your own nails, because you will feel more confident, dexterity and empowered when you tell those who ask that yes I did my nails.

Nail Manicure – Simple Nail Designs

It is simple, yet smooth and natural yet sophisticated. The great thing about simple nail designs is that you can slightly change the style and color to create a more interesting element. This black web design is still chic because only the nail is tipped. It is a great look for an evening affair or even for a professional.

There are many simple nail designs that originate from an original idea. In this case, it is a French nail manicure. Unlike the French nail manicure, which is painted on the tip of the nail, the design features a V-shape. The design also uses black nail polish instead of white, and has additional silver lines.

Simple nail design

V-shape The hardest part about achieving a V-shape is making sure that the point is right in the middle of the nail. What you can do is take a black nail art brush and draw a very small dot in the middle of your nail. So, essentially, you will have a small black dot that is more than half above your nail just below the tip of the nail. This dot ensures that your V-shape is symmetric. Using the black dot as the central point, draw an X on the tip of your nail. Remember, that it looks like a French nail manicure, so the design is only going to be on the top half of your nail. Now, fill 3 of the four quadrants of X you have made with black nail polish. In other words, fill in the upper part of X, to the left of X, and to the right of X. Do not fill at the bottom of X as this creates a V-shape. Now you will not see X, just a black rectangle with an angle in it.

X marks mark Taking a silver nail art brush, trace where X used to be. You can use the black V-shape as a guide. Silver X will break the tip of your nail into three quadrants. If the silver does not appear well, go to the line again. In addition, some name brands are better than others and have more shine per stroke.

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