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Masala Oats Benefits 2022 India Vitamin C A or Zinc

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Masala Oats Benefits 2022 India Vitamin C, A or Zinc

Topic: Masala Oats Benefits 2022

Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix 400g | Pack Of 2 | Vitamin C, A and Zinc | Oats, Ragi, Green Gram, Amaranth | Instant Meal

Masala Oats Benefits 2021 India Vitamin C A or Zinc


  • AYURVEDA AIDED HEALTHY MEAL: Relish every bite of this wholesome Kapiva Supergrain Masala Meal which has magical benefits for your health. Laced with nourishing herbs namely Amla, Tulsi, and Turmeric, and coupled with 4 super grains Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix ensures taste and nutrition through every bite you take!
  • UNIQUE BLEND OF 4 SUPER GRAINS: Start your morning with an appetizing bowl of deliciousness and goodness. Our masala porridge mix is enriched with 4 wholesome super grains namely oats, green gram, amaranth, and ragi adding the much needed wholesomeness! It provides you optimal nutrients per serving. Moreover, our multigrain porridge is trans-fat-free and vegan friendly.
  • HIGHER FIBER & PROTEIN-RICH: Rich in essential fibres and protein, our breakfast porridge gives you a nutritional boost and keeps you full for longer. Unlike other breakfast meals, our homestyle masala mix has 6g of protein and 4.4g of fibre in every serve, which can take you through your morning. It has 1.5x higher protein and 2.5x more fibre than 100g upma, poha and many branded oatmeals. This Supergrain porridge is a welcome break from sugary breakfast options.
  • BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Discover a unique breakfast meal loaded with an ideal combination of immune-boosting ayurvedic herbs. Infused with 3 Ayurvedic herbs namely Amla, Tulsi, and Turmeric, our masala meal can also help in alleviating allergies and infections. Kapiva Supergrain mix is also a rich source of Vitamin C, A and Zinc, which are vital for boosting your immunity.
  • CUT, POUR & BOIL: Between work and managing your morning routine, finding time to prepare a tasty and wholesome meal can be a task. But with Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix, you can enjoy the savoury masala flavour and reap the benefits of pure ayurvedic herbs in as quick as 3 minutes. Cut, Pour, and Boil! It’s that convenient, so indulge in this nutritious quick meal before you run out the door again!
Modern Ayurvedic Nutrition

At Kapiva, we make Ayurveda simple, modern, and accessible for all. We use the ancient practices and apply them to modern formats of food. This mission is aptly captured in our tagline – Modern Ayurvedic Nutrition! Our products strike a good balance between taste and nutrition. Yummyveda as we call it. We are committed to making products which are authentic, nutritionally balanced, and easy to consume for modern Indians.

Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix for Immunity – 400 Grams

Tasty & nutritious breakfast with Ayurvedic herbs

Give yourself a great head-start every morning with the Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix, a nutritious breakfast enriched with Ayurvedic herbs. The protein-rich multigrains of this breakfast give you the required nutritional boost.

You can avoid unhealthy breakfast and satisfy your hunger in a wholesome manner with this masala Supergrain breakfast. Enriched with 3 ayurvedic herbs namely Amla, Tulsi, and Turmeric, our breakfast meal can do a wealth of good to your immunity.

  • High-fibre, protein-rich meal to keep hunger pangs at bay
  • Blend of 3 immunity herbs to ward off allergies
  • Rich source of Vitamin A, C and Zinc that are vital for immunity
  • 4 super grains in every bite for wholesome nutrition