How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures India

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures India
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How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures India

Topic : How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures 

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures India


Topic :How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures

Lipstick is the perfect way to drastically change an appearance without having to commit to anything (other than a tube of harmless pigment), and if done right, things really perk up. Here’s how to make sure you get it right.

To always have a smooth pout, I like to start with a scrub. By removing dead skin cells from your lips, they will not only feel much smoother and take in the product better, they will also look rejuvenated. Think about how you feel after a facial, but through your mouth!

When we are ready to sail smoothly, the next step is preventive measures against fading, plumage and migration. And the tool for this is the lip liner. When applying lip liner, I like to start at the cupid’s bow and work my way up to one corner of the mouth, with short, quick strokes with light hands. By not drawing a solid line I give myself room for a little error, but because it is not continuous, the errors will be much less obvious. This is also the step where you would make the corrections to the lips, but keeping their natural appearance. If you feel like your lips are too thin, try drawing directly outside the lip line to make them appear larger and fuller. And if you feel like your lips are too big (not such a thing in my opinion, but it’s just me), draw the line directly inside the natural line of your lips to make them look thinner. I would not recommend going beyond a single line in or out of the natural lip line, because doing so may seem obvious and therefore useless.

It is also at this time that you can decide whether or not you want to color your lips with the eyeliner. Doing so will help your lipstick last longer, which is a major bonus, but you need to make sure the liner matches your lips or the lipstick shade, otherwise the colors will blend together and although that be something wonderful, it is not always so. the case.

Once we have our lips perfectly shaped with lip liner, it is time for the lipstick. I always like to have two brushes on hand when I pout: a normal size lip brush (usually synthetic hairs) and a small size lip brush for detailed areas like the corners of the mouth. First, take some of the product with the regular size brush and fill in your lips, leaving the corners blank. Try not to stretch your lips when applying lipstick, just keep your mouth relaxed and natural. Then with the smaller brush, again with short strokes, enter the corners of the mouth and fill in the blank areas, completely covering the liner you applied and smudging along the lip line so the liner doesn’t show through through.

Remember, makeup is about illusions, so if you want your lips to appear fuller, you want the light to hit the center of your lower lip. This is possible with a gloss applied to that area (a shiny one would be ideal), or a lighter shade of the same lipstick shade if you want to stick with a matte look. If you want your lips to appear thinner, stay away from glitter and apply dark matte colors. A simple rule of thumb that can be applied to any part of the face is to highlight the areas you want to draw attention to and darken the areas you want to push back.

Lipstick Tips – How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures India

The wrong color lipstick, thick lip liner, and lips that have been “drawn in” are common makeup mistakes that will ruin your overall appearance. Many women who are not sure how to use lipstick skip that step and leave their makeup unbalanced.

Perfect looking lips can be achieved and start with an ideal lip line. You can have lips that look like a makeup artist did by simply following a few important steps.

1. When applying foundation, continue over lips to provide base for liner and lipstick.

2. Keeping your mouth closed, trace a fine line around your lips with a sharp pencil. A dull pencil will make mixing difficult. Start at the v of the upper lip and move to the corners of the lip in short strokes (place your hand on the chin for better control). After you have drawn in pencil on the upper lip, start from the middle of the lower lip and move outwards as well. Follow the natural line of the lips.

3. To make your lips look bigger, follow the outer edge of the natural lip line making sure not to go beyond the natural lip line. To make your lips look smaller, follow the inside of your natural lip line.

4. The lipstick will stay on longer if you fill the entire lip with lip liner before applying it. If you decide to use this technique, keep in mind that darker lip liner will darken the look of your lipstick. And, if you are looking for a light look, use a light lip liner.

5. Now that the lips are full, apply the lipstick with a lipstick brush (using a lip brush will give you more control). When the lipstick has been applied, with your lips closed, place a tissue over both lips to dry.

You are ready to go, with perfect lips. Keep up with touch-ups throughout the day. If you are not used to wearing lipstick, it will probably take a while to get used to having your lips groomed and not "eating" the lipstick. The advantage of having beautiful lips, aside from the obvious, is that you will never have dry lips again and they will become softer over time.

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures India

How to Apply Lipstick Without Getting It on Your Teeth How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures 

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures . I can't think of anything more embarrassing than a woman with lipstick on her teeth and not knowing it. Sometimes you are lucky and the person you are with is a close friend or family member. They will just tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth and they can both laugh. But what if you have a date or a job interview? This can be really uncomfortable for the person sitting across from you, and it can really influence whether you get a job or a second date. By following a few simple methods, you can feel confident in even your brightest shade of red lipstick.

There are several different methods to ensure that lipstick does not get on your teeth. The one that most women use is the finger method. Apply your lipstick regularly first. Then put your index finger in your mouth and stick it out just like you would a straw. You can also quickly suck on the side of your index finger (I prefer this method). Any lipstick on your teeth should now be on your finger.

Another option is to fold a tissue and blot your lips on it. This may be a more elegant option than sticking your finger in your mouth.

You can also try doing what models and makeup artists do. It may sound a little strange, but Vaseline is applied to the teeth before and after putting on the lipstick. . You won't stain your teeth with lipstick, but your teeth may feel strange and will be extremely shiny. You can try this method if you are going to be the center of attention and you are going to smile a lot. Giving an important presentation, winning an Oscar, or competing in a beauty pageant would be a great time to put Vaseline on your teeth. Make sure to only apply a very thin coat, or your teeth will shine from across the room. You may not want to try this when you have a date or job interview. Also note that petroleum jelly will not last more than an hour or two on your teeth. If you eat or drink something, be sure to go to the bathroom and reapply.

Wearing waterproof lipstick is another way to make sure you don't get lipstick on your teeth. However, waterproof lipstick often tends to dry out when worn alone, which is why a lip gloss is often applied over the lipstick. If you do this you should do the trick with your fingers or with the napkin after applying.

If you wear lipstick often enough, it makes sense to buy it in bulk, especially if you have your favorite brands and colors that you buy frequently. It's cheaper and you won't have to run to the store every time you run out of lipstick.

10 Practical Tips to Apply Lipstick 

One of the best beauty tips that you can use as a mantra is always your best feature. On that note, if this happens then your lips need to be perfectly fine with you! now are some practical tips to guide your of lipstick apply . How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly with Pictures 

1. The first thing to always mind is to apply some liner so that your lipstick apply has a base. This will also ensure that your lipstick lasts longer. Your choice of lip liner will depend on the color shade of your lipstick. If you are applying light colored lipstick, then you are best suited to use nude liner. Then you should proceed to fill your lips with the lipstick of your choice. If you are fond of lip gloss, you will be happy to hear that when you apply it on your lips, it lasts for a long time.

2. Another tip for applying lipstick is that it does not matter when you decide to apply lip liner. This is ultimately at your discretion as some women prefer to do this before applying their shade of lipstick, while others prefer to do this right.

3. A golden rule when applying lipstick is to never use dark lip liner when you are applying light colored lipstick. It looks very difficult. Always make sure that the lip liner you are using matches the shade of your lipstick.

4. While applying lipstick, one thing should be kept in mind that do not apply too much makeup. If you have chosen to go with a bright lipstick color, make sure you avoid playing your eyes too much. Instead you should let the eyes remain natural. If you decide to apply heavy eye makeup, the opposite applies.

5. If you have fuller lips than the average woman, make sure you apply the lip liner around your natural lip line and apply it with lip gloss in the center of your lower lip.

6. There is no exact science or specific equipment when you are applying lipstick. You can do this with your fingertips, use a lipstick brush or apply it directly from the tube. The ending justifies the means as long as you have applied the lipstick to perfection.

7. When you are looking to buy a new lipstick, never apply it on your lips! This is completely unforeseen because you do not know how many people have done the same. Apply a small amount on your fingers or on the back of your hand to check if your skin tone matches the shade of lipstick you are interested in.

8. Sometimes women end up buying lipstick just to get home and realize that they don't really like that shade of lipstick. However you should not throw this lipstick! With a little creativity, you can mix different shades of lipstick to come up with a shade that will dazzle you.

9. To avoid traces of lipstick when you are drinking with a glass or mug, make sure you lick your lips in advance and this will avoid leaving a stain.

10. If you want to avoid the awkward moment where lipstick appears on your teeth, make sure you stick your index finger in your mouth immediately after applying lipstick. All the extra lipstick will come out of it as you slowly pull it out.

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