Drone Camera Price India Shooting for YouTube 2021

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Drone Camera Price India Shooting for YouTube 2021

Drone Camera Price India

Shift IZI Nano Drone Camera 5MP FHD 1080P Patented 

Drone Camera Price India Shooting for YouTube 2021




  • [Intuitive controller] Learn to fly within minutes with the patented one-hand controller. Precision control and easy maneuver literally at your fingertips
  • [Easy to carry] Weighing just 93 grams and less than 15 cm in diagonal length, it is the perfect size to carry around wherever you go.
  • [Intelligent Features] Follow Me Mode, Lezero Pilot Mode 4 autonomous tracking modes & 4 pre-programmed flight modes keep you in the frame no matter what.
  • [Amazing Camera] Camera: 5MP CMOS FHD 1080p, 17 mins fly time with one charge. Fly Range: 300 meters, Fly height: 15 meters (AGL)
  • [High performance and quality] Incredibly stable hovering capability able to withstand against wind and poly-carbonate resistant to impact and scratches

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  • Video Recording : FHD 1080p @ 30 fps
  • Max Distance : 300 m
  • Max Altitude : 15 m
  • Max Flight Time : 17 Minutes
  • Charging Time : 60 Minutes
  • Weight : 93 grams


SHIFT RED is a portable and compact quadcopter equipped with vision recognition, and various sensors to provide the optimal flight experience to beginners and experts alike. FHD video shooting and real-time video transmission functionality offer a stable yet, dynamic flight experience.

Be amazed by the SHIFT RED one hand controller! With the patented Near-Field Micro-Sensing technology, our unique controller will offer the most intuitive, and precise drone flight control.


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