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Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Price (WOW Beauty) in India 2022

Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Price (WOW Beauty) in India 2022
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Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Price (WOW Beauty) in India 2022

Topic :Dazller Eterna Makeup kit

Dazller Eterna CCC Palette with Concealer

Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Price (WOW Beauty) in India 2022



  • Foundation palette with Concealer, Corrector, Contour & Highlighter
  • Cream-to-powder texture with mattifying ingredients.
  • Corrector shades – Orange & Green. Concealer – Dusky & Contour. For Highlighting – 2 shades in Honey tones
  • dazzler makeup set Special Combo offer with – Dazller Eterna Enchante Eyeshadow

Dazller Eterna Makeup Brush Kit

Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Price (WOW Beauty) in India 2022
  • 7 Brushes in kit. Loose powder brush – 1. Concealer brushes – 2 . Eyeshadow Brush – 2. Nose shadow brush – 1. Brush for eye corner – 1
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  • EYETEX: A brand you can trust that gives lifetime quality satisfaction. If any dissatisfaction occurs, please contact EYETEX customer care for prompt solution. We make your beauty shine.
  • These face products are a great gift for yourself or even to someone else. Bring in the joy of happiness with our wide range of products. Express and feel the personal beauty in you. You also give the expectation of expressing your beloved ones feel and beauty.

Dazller Eterna Makeup kit   Sheer Glow Compact Powder

Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Price (WOW Beauty) in India 2022
  • FREE Eyetex Dazller Skin Moisturizer
  • Satin finish powder.
  • Enriched with Herbal actives.
  • For all skin types.
  • Available in 12 shades.

Dazller Eterna Longstay Lip Colour

Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Price (WOW Beauty) in India 2022
  • Long Stay, Lip Colour, Matte.
  • Comfortable for 8 hours wear.
  • Enriched with Jojoba oil & Wheat Germ oil.
  • 100% Vegan.
  • Cruelty free; Not tested on animals.


Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Nailglitter Matte 5ML – MDE9

  • Matte finish Nail Glitter
  • Free of Toluene, Dibutyl phthalate and Formaldehyde
  • Available in 21 Shades
  • Net 5ml

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How to assemble a professional makeup kit

If you do makeup as part of your routine and sometimes want to spend more time than the actual time you spend applying makeup, dazzler makeup kit then it is time to organize your makeup kit. So the first makeup beauty tips is: Get organized.

Here you can take steps to make a professional makeup kit:

1. Take time to work on this project and focus on completing it. Look for a large workspace where you can stretch all your makeup and organize everything you have.

2. Pay attention to all your makeup and skin care products and review them. Whatever is broken and old, throw the bacteria into it. If the makeup has gone off or peeled off, looks outdated, and the applicators are dirty, they can cause irritation or infection and should be removed.

The first rule is, if you do not even remember how long the item was purchased or given to you, how long it should be thrown. Use these guidelines to determine how long you need to keep your makeup on before throwing away your makeup.

Six months
* Face powder with brush or sponge in contact with the product
* Cream or Crepe Foundation
* Gas, cream or foundation for eyes
* Kajal
* Cream Eye Shadow
* Liquid eyelashes
* Any other item based on eye cream or gel

One year
* Moisturizer
* Liquid foundation
* Concealer used on face without concealer

As needed
* Eyeliner pencil that is not hard or dry
* Eyeshadow and Blush Powder and Cake
* Bronzer

Clean up the application tools you use regularly and need.

* Eye cleaning can be done by dipping a cotton ball in alcohol and then rubbing it on a pencil. Also regularly accelerate the point.
* Antibacterial soap can be used to clean and rinse all types of brushes. If your brushes are discolored, matted, or have makeup that cannot be washed, throw them away and buy new ones.

*. Look at your stack organically and try to determine the size of the bag that you need to store them. If you do not have the necessary makeup organizer, buy one.

It would be great to have something bigger with enough pockets than some. Look for makeup bags or kits at beauty supply stores and department stores. Make sure that the bag or kit you choose can hold all the makeup you pack, including the brush bag you purchased.

* You can find bags that vary in size and design. Look for a cosmetic makeup bag preferably designed to organize makeup products, as these will likely have a plastic interior that can be zipped up and wiped to avoid spilling. There may also be a pad or quilt on the outside for extra protection.

* Brush bags and kits are also available to keep eyetex makeup kit your application tools clean and can be used to organize your brushes and protect the ends of the brushes from bending.

* Train boxes usually have hard sides and expandable shelves for organization. These are heavy and sometimes heavy but can protect your items well.

* Some small tackle boxes that are usually larger than train cases are less expensive and can be used to store and organize your makeup, especially for special occasions.

Organize your makeup products in the bag you purchased and store the bag properly.

congratulation! You just created a professional makeup kit and can now have a less stressful, organized and efficient makeup routine.