Boston Acoustics 6×9 Car Speakers India 2021

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Boston Acoustics 6×9 Car Speakers India 2021

Topic; Boston Acoustics 6×9 Car Speakers India 2021

Boston Acoustics 6×9 Car Speakers India 2021  Coaxial Speakers (330W 35 RMS)

Boston Acoustics 6x9 Car Speakers India 2021


1″ Titanium Plated Tweeter with ND Magnet
6×9″ oval 2-way full range 35W RMS 330W Max Output
Impedance: 4ohms Sensitivity: 90db Frequency Response: 560hz

Boston Acoustics 6×9 Car Speakers India 2021

Songbird 6”x9” Oval 700W Max 5 Way Gold Series Super BASS SB-B69-09 Coaxial Car Speaker

Boston Acoustics 6x9 Car Speakers India 2021


  • High sensitivity and High Power Handling Design
  • Polypropylene cone
  • Peak Power Handling 700 W
  • tray pannel
  • oval shape

Want car speakers that offer you an immersive music-listening experience? You can thank your lucky stars because this black and red coaxial car speaker gives you this, plus more. High sensitivity and power Coaxial speakers are a popular choice of car speakers as their design (front-mounted tweeters and mid-range drivers) allows a clear and even distribution of sound

Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speaker (Black)

Boston Acoustics 6x9 Car Speakers India 2021


  • Nominal power – 50 watts, RMS peak – 400 watts, 3-way 6×9 inches oval
  • Designed for the young generation to provide energetic listening experience
  • MMM cone rubber coated cloth surround, Impedance: 4 OHM
  • Frequency range: 31Hz ~ 35,000Hz(-20dB)

Loud and Aggressive Sound and impactful bass with 400W peak power output. Designed for the young generation to provide energetic listening experience. Its progressive flex suspension system allows it to provide clear sound and impactful bass. A Fully covered mesh grille provides it high reliability and prevents it from dust which makes it perfect for installation in rear tray. Made of Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone with a water resistant coating at the back for loud sound reproduction.3-way speakers feature 3 different drivers for effectively recreating separate sound frequency. Light weight design with lesser mounting depth for easy installation in your car. High quality aluminum voice coil bobbin is used to safeguard from heat and prolong speaker life. PFSS Spider has a couple of corrugation part and concave-convex part. According to an input level, it can accurately adjust a cone movement.


Sony XS-FB693E 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers (Black) (Size:16 x 24cm)



  • Mica matrix cone woofer for deep, powerful bass
  • High power handling with 420 W max out and 50 W rated out
  • Super tweeter for high frequency extension
  • Ideally designed for Sony head units with mega bass circuitry
  • Space-saving, easy-to-install design
  • Peak Power: 420W. Size: 16×24 cm (6×9)
  • Package content: 1 speaker, Warranty Card, Instruction Manual

Mica matrix cone woofer for deep, powerful bass High power handling with 420 W max out and 50 W rated out super tweeter for high frequency extension space-saving, easy-to-install design. Type: Coaxial shade: Black Peak Power Handling: 420 W, frequency response: 50-22000HZ x 2.

Product Details:
•Size: 16×24 cm (6×9)
•Peak Power: 420 W
•RMS Power: 60 W
•Rated Power: 50 W
•Woofer Magnet Material: Ferrite
•Woofer Diaphragm Material: Rubber-coated cloth surround
•Tweeter Diaphragm Material: PEI
•Tweeter Magnet Material: Ferrite

Boston Acoustics 6x9 Car Speakers India 2021

Sony 3-Way Coaxial 

6×9 Car Speakers: Must Know Things Before You Buy 6×9 Car Speakers Boston Acoustics 6×9 Car Speakers India 2021

It is already widely known that car audio enthusiasts are competing for 6×9 car speakers as part of their car audio system. There are many 6×9 speakers in the market which claim to be superior to others. How will you determine which one is right for you? And if so, how will you get the best deal?

Reviewing a good product, shopping online and choosing the best deal from there comes with the highest recommendation to ensure that you have something in terms of cost and quality.

Important things to know about the 6×9 model

Most car enthusiasts prefer these 6×9 car speakers due to their quality midrange sound, decent bass, and one that can also achieve high frequency range. The 6×9 oval shaped speakers can be fitted under the dash or seat, whichever you prefer. However, keep in mind that 6x9s are usually larger than most factory-built speakers and you may need to adjust the holes to fit them. Also, a reasonable choice of an amplifier may make them more powerful, but without one, it is sufficient for a standard audio setup.


There are many 6×9 speakers available that you should know to choose the best one for your car. Some brands that have top-of-the-line series for this type of speakers are Pioneer, Sony, Infinity, Alpine, Kicker, Kenwood and many more. The point is that you have several options to choose from. So choose only the best that suits your needs

But you should know that you do not need to get the same brand for all your stereo components, including your car stereo. However, one advantage of having similar brands is their easy installation. Another advantage you can get is that the combination is more likely to produce a higher quality sound if you buy the components of the car under the same brand.

Material quality

The 6×9 speakers are made from previous premium materials. They are typically made of polypropylene cones, ribbed surround sound with UV treatment, and durable voice coil designed to make the speaker nice and attractive.

Shop online to save money and effort

There are many advantages to buying a 6×9 car speaker online. If you have the option to shop from online retail stores then you have several options. Also, it is more convenient because you can do it sitting at home and just wait for the delivery to arrive within a few days. You can get a much cheaper deal online too, as most online stores offer free shipping.

The warranty

Also pay attention to the product warranty as it will give you assurance that you can get your money back if there is something wrong with the product you purchased. Make sure it has one or more years of warranty to avoid over-spending for initial repairs and check-ups.

But given the design and content quality of the speaker, the chances of breaking 6×9 car speakers in a short period of time are very low.

Reviewing the best product to get the best deals online.

Knowing 6×9 speakers that have proven their worth in terms of cost and quality can help a lot in choosing the best deal online. Looking for good product reviews can sometimes take time.

6 X 9 Speakers Information Boston Acoustics 6×9 Car Speakers India 2021

There are some things that you should consider before deciding what you need for a 6×9 speaker. First of all, where do you want the speakers to be mounted in the front or back of the car, in a built-in console? Do you want to display or hide them? What kind of audio do you want to get from them (more than you think) are speakers to replace other factory speakers or are they complementary to other components? And do you need to amplify them? As you can see from some sample questions that buying the right speakers for you may require a lot of consideration.

Hopefully I can provide a little information that will help you decide.

First and perhaps most important, where are you going to mount them. The 6×9 speaker is an odd size that caters for very few vehicles. This means that you will do a little more work to install them. Either cutting into the parcel shelf (which I can’t suggest, unless you like the untouchable look?) Or boxing them and building a building. This is usually done in boot, but some 6×9 can be folded under the seat or hidden in the console. Which is a better option in my opinion because installing them in the boot reduces the sound (what is the reason you want them right?)

What audio do you want from them?

The 6×9 speakers are good at producing mid range sound, which is why many people use them in combination with subwoofers and tweeters. Most 6×9 car speakers are capable of producing a decent amount of bass, and can also achieve significantly higher frequencies, so often the gap between the subscription and tweeter is used to prevent mid frequencies from sinking. Can go

Are the speakers replacing any other car speakers?

Although there are chances that your car will not have 6×9 speakers, but that does not mean that you cannot install them. Often an amplifier is needed to power them, although you can wire directly to the speaker out socket on the stereo. If you wire from the stereo, it is likely that 6×9 speakers will operate, and the performance of the speakers will be compromised.

How much do I need to spend on them?

The prices of 6×9 speakers vary depending on the quality. Prices start at around 3000 and can go up to 1000 or more, perfect for a good pair. Although you can choose a decent set for 5000 which will suffice in most good audio installs.

In conclusion, 6×9 car speakers are beneficial if you want to boost your audio system or complete a component set. If you are looking for a small boost, then you should spend in the region of 1800- 5000, but if you have a good quality set up SQ is not cheap and go for 1000 or more set, Pair with A good amp and you’ll be laughing


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