Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 ( 9 October) in India

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Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 ( 9 October) in India

Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000

TOP 4 Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 India 2021
Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones
Zebronics Zeb-Duke Bluetooth Headphone
boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphone 
Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones

Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000  ( 9 October) in India




  • Break The Wire: Up to 20hrs of battery life I Super powerful bass I 40mm Dynamic driver I Pressure less ear muffs I Bluetooth 5.0 I Voice control
  • Up to 20 hours epic battery life: Now listen up to 300 songs uninterrupted on a single charge
  • 40mm dynamic driver: The in-built 40mm high performance large neodymium iron boron unit has a bass output that is deep and impactful. The large voice coils, and large diaphragms recreate the front row rock concert experience. These are designed for the bass head
  • Pressure-less ear muffs: Crafted with soundproof PU material for those who want to listen to music on the go, the soft and cushiony ear muffs reduce strain on your ears. With an adjustable head beam and elastic shafts to rotate the ear muffs, you can customize the listening experience for yourself
  • Connects with Bluetooth 5.0: The new and advanced Bluetooth 5.0 is faster, covers a wider distance and connects to two headphones to stream music from the same phone
  • Voice control activated: Use the voice control function to pick your genre of music, know which song you’re listening to and even make or take important calls
  • Use wired or wireless: Versatile in its conception, the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones can be used wired or wirelessly as you find convenient

Zebronics Zeb-Duke Bluetooth Headphone

Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000  ( 9 October) in India



  • Zeb-Duke is a wireless headphone with a mic that is an up on style with comfortable ear cushions, adjustable headband, and RGB lights
  • Speaker Impedance 32Ω Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Charging time 2hrs Playback time 30 hrs Talk time 30 hrs
  • Wireless BT Voice assistant support AUX Function
  • There is a voice assistant feature, a multifunction button that controls media and volume along with an AUX input as well
  • Listen to your favorite tracks all day long as the headphone comes with 30 hours of playback time
  • Featuring BT v5.0 that provides stable and seamless connectivity ensuring low latency

boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphone 

Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000  ( 9 October) in India



  • Thumping Bass: boAt signature sonic high definition sound with super extra bass and balanced treble performance to make your listening experience a thumping one
  • boAt custom-designed 50mm driver, giving you the performance you could never have imagined
  • The softness of the faux leather on the ear pads makes boAt Rockerz 510 pleasurable to wear
  • Carefully and precisely designed makes the boAt Rockerz 510 appear to be stylish and sturdy
  • boAt Rockerz 510 is one of the lightest in its class, giving you optimal comfort and master control board to play/pause, change tracks, answer/reject calls, control volumes – everything in one place, You simply don’t want to take it off
  • The foam inside the ear pads adapts to your ears with just the right pressure ensuring great comfort and also delivering authentic sound
  • Perfectly processed aluminium plats perfects the look of a premium headphone hence delivering unimaginable sound

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless

Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000  ( 9 October) in India





  • Dual Equaliser Modes for Normal & Deep Bass Output
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming ; Frequency Range: 20Hz~20kHz ; Talk time (Hours): Up to 13hrs ; Play Time (Hours): Up to 20hrs ; Driver Size: 32mm ; Driver Sensitivity (1KHz / 1mW): 102±3dB ; Impedence (ohms): 32ohms ; Bluetooth: 5.0V ; Charging Type: 5V 1A wire charging ; Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • 20 hours Music Playtime Under Optimum Audio Settings
  • Quick Charging: 10 min of Charge gives you 2 Hrs of Playtime
  • Lightweight and Flat Foldable Design
  • Handsfree Calling
  • Earcups lined with Soft Cushion Cups


Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 ( 9 October) in India


All about wireless headphones Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 

People usually know the disadvantages and benefits of a certain product before they buy it. It also helps us to know whether a certain product is suitable for our needs. It is also important for us to know everything we need about a product, because buying a product that does not meet our needs can be frustrating and at the same time a waste of money.

Benefits of wireless headphones Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 

• You can plug your headphones into your game console and enjoy the maximum amount of your games without disturbing your family. Not only can you avoid disturbing them, but you can also prevent them from hitting your cords. Basically, wireless headphones eliminate the hassle of long wires and cords.

• You will be able to do many activities and will not be disturbed by cords or wires. You have to worry about removing them from the socket and rotating them.

• Wireless headphones come with a transmitter also known as a base unit. The base unit is plugged into your audio electronic equipment such as a computer, telephone, TV, CD player, radio, and stereo in a specially designed headphone slot. Once everything is set, it can now transmit waves over headphones which will later be automatically converted to audio sounds. These work with batteries that are mostly rechargeable.

• There are also some types of headphones that will allow you to control the volume using a headset. While some models have a volume control located on the base unit.

Wireless headphones are also of various types. This is actually a big benefit because the more types of headphones available, the more options there are in finding the right wireless headset for you.

Here are some types of wireless headphones that you can consider.

• Wireless headphones using infrared signals – These types of headphones use infrared signals to connect to headsets and transmitters. They have only a small amount of frequency level that can be easily disturbed and blocked by walls or other concrete objects. However, this type of helmet is cheaper than others.

• Radio frequency or signals – These are frequencies or radio signals that are used to communicate with a headset and transmitter at a higher frequency level than an infrared signal. Most types can transmit signals through walls.

Wireless headphones can also be of different styles. And here are some.

• Headphone style – may be cheaper, but they are inconvenient.
• Clip-on style – Headphones designed with this style are ideal for use with Bluetooth devices such as cell phones and PDAs.
• Middle ear style – This type is actually a lot better in terms of comfort and style.
• Full Size Earphone Style – Wireless earphones designed in this way are quite heavy. These types are great for canceling outside noise.

Before choosing a wireless headset, it would be best if you know everything about it, its features and capabilities, styles and usage. Once you have all this information, you will be able to make the right decision in choosing the right helmet for you.


Benefits of using wireless headphones Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 

Wireless headphones It is great not to have a cord on your headphones. Everything has become mobile, so it is time for wireless headphones to become as mainstream as cell phones. Try not to travel any more to walk on wires and cords.

You probably had a night where you couldn’t sleep. Maybe you wanted to watch TV to try to sleep and go back to sleep, but you didn’t want to wake up your partner. You know that if you turn on the TV, it will start complaining about noise, so you don’t. I lay there. Or maybe there is a game you have to watch but there is company and the noise will disturb them. If you have wireless headphones, this will not be a problem. You can sit as far or as far away from the TV as you like and enjoy crystal-clear sound without disturbing anyone.

If you have a young child who needs to sleep, wireless devices can save your life. If you like to turn on the music while doing housework, but can’t because of a baby nap, all you need is a pair of wireless headphones. In this way you can hear your music moving around the room and what needs to be done.

Many people now get their music from downloads instead of buying CDs from the store. If you store your music on your computer, you can easily listen to it with your device. You can walk around your house and listen to your favorite tracks. You can also wear them when your family is watching TV in the same room.

Wireless headphones have several advantages. This can extend battery life and reduce background noise. Suppose you are in college and need to study for a big exam, but your roommates have a group of friends. You can wear wireless earphones and put on some music and you won’t even know that there’s a party around you.

A good set of wireless headphones is not as expensive as you might think. They have so many advantages over traditional headphones that it is worth paying a little more for them. For example, the Sennheiser brand of wireless headphones, offers excellent sound quality and is well worth it. These are durable and well-designed wireless headphones that you can wear indoors or outdoors. Wherever you are, they will give you the best sound quality.

The Senheser brand as well as Panasonic and Sony all make comfortable and lightweight wireless headphones that will provide excellent sound quality. The great thing about these wireless headphones is that they charge to do anything without you. As soon as you take them off and put them on the charger, they start charging so that they are ready the next time you need them. They come in many styles.

You will need to make comparisons between different brands, which have the features that you want to make sure you are getting the best price. Make sure that you buy your wireless headphones from a reputable company so that you can guarantee your headphones for at least one year.

You can also see wireless headphones that use Bluetooth technology, but you need to make sure that all your devices use a backup version of Bluetooth, otherwise they will not be compatible. You do not want to buy what you think are the best wireless headphones so that you do not use them to work on your devices at home. If you buy from a reputable company and do your homework, you will not be disappointed.

Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000  ( 9 October) in India