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Best Hair Serum | Dry and Frizzy Hair | Smooth Proof India

Topic: Best Hair Serum | Dry

Hey guys welcome back to my blogs I got the notifications first so in today’s blogs I’m going to talk about hair serum the three best budget hair serums that I absolutely love As well as the correct way to use hair serum, let’s start these blogs with a fact first, so in case you haven’t used a hair serum yet and you plan to use one way of thinking

Best Hair Serum | Dry  Products Mentioned: 
1) Matrix Biolage Smooth Proof Avacado Deep Smoothing Serum
2) Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum
3) L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum

What do you know after using hair serum?

Your hair will turn from here to here, you are so wrong that hair serum will not change the texture of your hair like your own.

Never go from wavy or curly to straightening instead, the job of hair serum is to smooth out your frizz, detangle your hair and protect your hair from pollution by heat and humidity.

And also make your hair soft and silky so in case you are expecting a lot of change in the texture of your hair sorry this won’t happen now back to my hair.

The top three most budget-friendly

Best Hair Serum | Dry and Frizzy Hair | Smooth Proof India

Best Hair Serum | Dry  BENEFITS

Trusted by Professionals and consumers alike. Enriched with Avocado, Grape-seed oils and gives 6-in-1 benefits: controls frizz, smoothens rough ends, protects from humidity, nourishes dry hair, instantly detangles & adds instant shine.

Hair Serum I’m going to start with BIO’s Smooth Large Matrix Smooth Proof Avocado Deeply Smoothing Hair Serum. This serum is six in one because it performs six

Functions to control frizz, deeply smooth frizzy ends, protect hair from moisture, and add instant shine, instantly nourishes and detangles your hair.

So you are getting all 6 benefits in one product The price of this product is 300 rupees to 400 ml I have seen many beauty salons using this serum on
their customers so this product is also used professionally and I have been using this product for a long time ah like this

My second bottle so this product detangles your hair instantly as soon as you apply it which is great plus it makes your hair really soft and smooth Also frizz-free, I have a lot of frizz in my hair and I can tell you that I am completely satisfied after using this product now my second hair serum that

Best Hair Serum | Dry and Frizzy Hair | Smooth Proof India

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  • Enriched With Vitamin E & Macadamia Oil – Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E known to nourish, strengthen, add shine and vitality to your hair strands while also giving you a perfect frizz-free and easily manageable hair

I absolutely love is Streaks professional vita rich uh gloss hair serum this is a small bottle of hair serum the price of this product is only 100 rupees and you get it
45 ml of product

This is one of the most effective and budget-friendly products like the cheapest fish I have ever used, ah this product I love it so much because this is very travel friendly

You can see the size of this bottle, it is very small and you can carry it anywhere you want now, there are two additional benefits that you will get from this product apart from what you know

Detangle your hair and tame its frizz and also know that making your hair soft and smooth this product will also give you UV protection as well as

You can also use this product as a heat protection serum before using any heating tool. Now the heat from the styling tool is enormous and it is.
Not every serum works. You know it gives you plenty of heat protection, you have to buy a heat protection spray away from the serum if you

You regularly use these products but this product claims to protect your hair from that heat as well and at that price, if you are getting many benefits I think this is it Something great and I totally recommends this product

Best Hair Serum | Dry and Frizzy Hair | Smooth Proof India

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  • Crème Formula. Chemically Treated Hair
  • Nourishes Hair And Calms Frizz; Cleansing Hair From Root To Tip. Organic: Yes. Sulfate free: No
  • Transforms Unruly And Dry Hair To Smooth, Manageable Hair
  • It shields your hair from the effect of humid or dry weather.

Now you’re coming to the third serum that I absolutely love is the L’Oreal Paris Smooth & Intense Smoothing Serum, as you know L’Oreal Paris has a great selection of hair serums but

Most of them are quite expensive but this hair serum at this price does a great job, the texture of this product is very light so it will never weigh your hair down

Down Plus contains argan oil, which is very effective for dry and damaged hair, and if you suffer from severe frizz, I think

This product could be a lifesaver now guys In the next clip I’m going to show you how you’re supposed to properly use hair serum on your hair ok i just got out of the shower and I towel dry my hair so now its time to apply hair serum on my hair to see

how I can Do that, I’m going to take a coin-sized product on my palm and rub it in properly and apply it only to my hair strands that won’t take much serum Because that can make your hair look really flat

So you don’t really want your head to be bouncy but silky smooth and frizz-free at the same time so this is how you will do very little and only use it on your hair strands and not on your roots

Then to distribute it properly, you will take a comb and comb your hair very gently, and immediately you will see all the tangles just gone from your hair.

your hair and keep your hair like that and let it dry naturally so guys today I really hope you liked today’s content And these blogs were really helpful to you

I will see you again in my next blogs very soon until then take care of yourself


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