Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart for Birthday boyfriend gf in India 2021

Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart for Birthday boyfriend gf in India 2020
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Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart  for Birthday Boyfriend gf in India 2021

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Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart Buy Now From Amazon
Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart for Birthday, boyfriend gf in India 2020


. The 3D Illusion Heart Rose Lamp
. Personalised with Any Text or Name
. Colour – blue
. This Beautiful lamp can be made with any Tagline and Name
. Made by 18 mm Laminated MDF and 5 mm Acylic Sheet
. 3D Illusion LED lamp base is made by laminated MDF and 3D illusion is made by acrylic
. Personalised with Any Name and Message
. Heart Rose Lamp
. Perfect Gift for Birthday Wedding Anniversary Girl Boyfriend Husband Wife Brother Sister Her Him

Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart for Birthday, boyfriend gf in India 2020


  • No returns accepted as this is a custom made product
  • An elegant 3d lamp comes with personalised engravied name, photo and tag line for the most presentable gift giving. This makes a great gift for a father, boyfriend , husband, son, boss, friend or any other love ones in your life
  • Lamp made by acrylic. The bright led light on this 3d led lamp is energy efficient, lasting up to 10,000 hours, and never overheating, making it safe for use as a 3d illusion night light for your whole family
  • Package contents: 1 wooden led lamp base , 1 lamp design (approx 8″x 6″), ir remote, adapter with cable ,
  • Apna Photo Personalised Color Changing 3D LED Acrylic Night Lamp with Name,Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart for Birthday, boyfriend gf in India 2020


  • This beautiful lamp can be designed with any tagline and name
  • Best Gifts 3D Illusion Heart
  • Size- 8-10inches
  • 3D illusion led lamp base is made of laminated MDF and 3d illusion

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