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Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Matte in India

Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Matte in India 2020
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Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Matte in India

Topic: Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5


Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Buy Now From Amazon

Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Matte in India 2020




  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Primer + Matte
  • High performance colour fix formula
  • Soft and smooth texture with matte finish
  • Long stay
  • ultra matte
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • There might be minor color variation between actual product and image shown on screen due to lighting on the photography

Say ‘No’ to touch ups with this perfect for office wear, Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lip Colour. Formulated with vitamin E and Wheat Germ Oil, Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Colour nourishes your lips by retaining its moisture. Keeping your lips hydrated all day long, it gives you smooth, perky lips.

Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Colours are ideal for daily office wear adding charm and lasting long. The smooth lipstick texture allows easy application, giving you a perfect finish. The Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Colour is a must have in your makeup kit. Pick the shade you love, or try them all! Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Colours are packed with features:

High performance lip colour that gives you soft, smooth lips all day, Enriched with Vitamin E, it conditions and softens your lips with wheat germ oil, Smooth matte texture with a colour fix formula, Available in 45 shades, suited for office wear, It’s long lasting colour that requires no touch ups.

How to apply: Start from centre of the upper lip and glide the lipstick along the contours of your mouth. Repeat the same for the lower lip. Pro Tip: For a perfect pout, use along with Lakmé 9 to 5 Lip Liner.

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Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale
Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Matte in India 2020
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  • Mousse textured light weight lip color
  • Can be used on lip and cheek
  • Matte lip color
  • Long stay
  • Ultra matte
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • There might be minor color variation between actual product and image shown on screen due to lighting on the photography

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  • Lipstick now in a matte format for the first time
  • Creamy matte texture that is comfortable to wear
  • Finish and color delivery of matte lipsticks but confort of creme lipsticks
  • No drag on lips
  • Intense color payoff
  • Digital images of the shade may slightly vary the actual product shade. This can happen since high resolution images are compressed to load on website and that might slightly change the shade’s tone or finish on digital screen
The Lakme Enrich Matte lipsticks have 20 shades, designed to match your skin tone. One coat and you are set to go! The Lakme Enrich lipsticks offer intense color pay-off in 20 new trending shades, across shade families. So pick Lakme Enrich Satins lip color in your favorite shade, now!
Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Matte in India 2020
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  • Lightweight matte lipstick from Lakme
  • Infused with Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Matte finish
  • High colour pay off
  • Smooth & creamy texture
  • 12 expressive shades

Twist open bullet and apply on lips starting from the cupid and then evenly spreading on the lower lip. Apply as desired for lightweight matte lips

Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale Matte in India 2020
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Best 5 Lipstick Lakme 9to5 Naturale

  • Matte texture and finish
  • High color pay off in one stroke with the most vibrant shades
  • Long lasting formula
  • Contoured lips
  • Available in a range of trendy and glamorous shades
  • Created and reccomended by backstage experts

If we go back to the past, we can see that the use of lipstick has entered the makeup kit much earlier. The women of the Indus Valley Civilization knew the use of lipstick. They used pureplish red dyes from fucasalin. Even Cleopatra, the famous and beautiful queen of Egypt, used lipstick that could be different.

In the Islamic era, Arab cosmetologist Abu al-Qasim al-Zaharvi invented a dense lipstick. But in medieval Europe, the church used lipstick. He showed that it looked like an incarnation of Satan. Queen Elizabeth once again filled the use of lipstick in the 16th century during her supremacy.

During World War II, lipsticks gained a very high place in the fashion world due to their use in various films. Women from all regions have started wearing lipstick on their lips and this is great to see. Even male actors who play different roles in the theater apply lipstick. This lipstick is called “manstick”. But as a general rule, the rule is that the woman can use lipstick only when she is an adult.

In modern times, the popularity of lipstick has spread all over the world. In various ways, you can use lipstick. Darker lipsticks can be used as eyeliner. You can apply lipstick on the cheeks and shake very well. Can be used as face paint. But on top of that you have to apply it very gently on the lips. Lipstick can work wonders. In every festive event, you should apply lipstick very strongly and curtain wise.

There are many aspects to keep in mind when choosing lip color.

1. Women with large lips should cling to purple, bronze and brown. These colors are best for big lips.
2. Women with thin lips should use grapes, add cappuccino and violet.
3. Olive tanner people can use warm peach, brown and terracotta colors.
4. If someone wants to show a matte effect on their lips, they can use matte lipstick or they can put a piece of tissue paper between their lips and squeeze it. This will remove excess oil from glossy lipsticks. And it gives a very boring effect. You can also sprinkle a little powder on your lips and brush extra lipstick with extra care.
5. You can also use lip balm. This will give a very simple but very attractive appearance.
6. For special events, parties, discos, you can use dark lipstick to match with lip gloss.
7. For a cheerful look, you can apply very bright pink and red lipstick colors and make it work wonders.
8. On the other hand, if you use very dark colors, you may have warm lips. This will be useful to attract the attention of many people.
But above all, you should be careful while choosing the right quality lipstick. Caution must be exercised when choosing skin. However, health is counted first.

8 rules for applying lipstick.
– Use darker lipstick but shiny makeup or vice versa.
– If someone’s lips are very dry, apply the liner outside the lips and put a little gloss in between the inner lips.
– To get lipstick that lasts long, make a base with a coat then fill the lips with the appropriate color.
– Avoid dark colored liners with light colored lipsticks. Always matches the color of lip liner and lipstick.
– If the user wants to test the color of lipstick used by someone else, it is necessary for you to use it on your fingertips rather than applying it directly to the lips. very unhealthy.

– Use different lipstick colors to get new ones. It is very unique and will give users the essence of difference from others.
– Beware of lipstick when drinking water. There should be no lipstick marks on the glass.
– Adult women should not use matte or glossy lipstick. They should use soft or soft colors as it can hide wrinkles.