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Benefits of Vipassana Meditation India 2021

Topic: Benefits of Vipassana Meditation India

Benefits of Vipassana Meditation India 2021

Before you proceed with the article, please clearly understand some of the disclaimers. First of all, the main reason behind writing this article is to spread awareness among people and educate people about Vipassana and the benefits of ten years of exercise. As benefits I ‘clearly illustrate my personal experience and benefits, there is a possibility that it may be unlike others. Please take this article as a casual chat and get what is relevant.

Secondly, do not register for Vipassana course with an intention, purpose or expectation. The moment you have a purpose in your mind, that objective comes to your mind and the whole technique is set aside. Go without a need in mind.

To be honest, I had a purpose in my mind. I experienced a string of failures in a year and quit the job well enough to take some competitive exams. I had failed all the exams and was broken [still as I wrote this article!]. I wanted to take refuge and nothing was working. Vipassana worked.

Let’s not waste any time and jump to the purpose of the article. Benefits of Vipassana Meditation India 

1) It is experimental, not intellectual – Vipassana is a practical technique. It is a tool. In the same way, you cannot learn how to swim by reading or just to hear about it, Vipassana is practiced. The center is the environment where you are taught and conditioned to learn techniques. Regular audits and tests are done by the teacher and the results are consistent with the efforts you have made. It is highly systematic, disciplined and a clear algorithm is followed. Do not expect the ‘spiritual superiority of the East, and the functional superiority of the West’; You will be surprised by the functional superiority of Vipassana.

2) Clutter-free mind – You sit down to read or write an article or want to finish some office work. You work for about ten minutes and start wandering the internet, watching some porn or chatting on FB, playing some music, researching some stuff that is irrelevant and horrible! After an hour you realize that you are still where you started. You feel sleepy because your brain energy has been consumed and you continue to sleep, masturbate or have a conversation with a friend. And then go to sleep.

In this way you are wasting your life. Vipassana pulls the plug of habits. Platonic sounds and results very quickly in ten days, but yes, it works.

3) Better control, better decision making, problem solving and being more realistic – Vipassana makes your thought process highly neutral, purposeful and less ‘negative emotion laden’. This is the basic foundation of the technique. Your reactions and reactions, reactions and failures, and the unhappiness emanating from the enterprise. The focus is on action and awareness – it makes every conversation wonderful and life enjoyable.

In the end, its non-denomination does not tilt towards any religious precept or school and does not direct you to give up worldly pleasures [Expect during the course; It is your choice after exit].

All courses are free and will always be.

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I want to keep it short and simple and conclude that everything I listed above is enough to motivate anyone to register for the course. I am pasting a few lines from the first paragraph – do not register for the Vipassana course with any intention, purpose or expectation. The moment there is a purpose in your mind, that objective comes in your mind and the whole technique is set aside. Go without a need in mind.

Benefits of Vipassana Meditation India 2021

Vipassana Meditation and It’s  Benefits of Vipassana Meditation India

Simply put, Vipassana means looking at things as they really are. Vipassana meditation does not follow any particular type of faith. Vipassana of many people of different religions has led to excellent results and there has been no interference with their specific faith. Vipassana meditation is a method to eliminate sorrow, increase mental purification and help the person handle the stresses and tensions of life in a calm, peaceful manner. In practicing this technique one will follow the changing nature of body and mind. In understanding the truth about change, suffering and stresses, one will experience the process of purification. The purpose of Vipassana meditation is self-observation to facilitate self-purification.

Vipassana meditation  charge over a period of ten days. The participants will stay in the training center during their course. Costs for training facilities are covered by donations from those who have previously benefited from the training and wish to give equal opportunities to others. Don’t mistake the occasion as a holiday or a social retreat. Only serious, hardworking individuals who are dedicated to benefiting from the course should attend.

Training can be divided into three phases. The first phase will include concentration on murder, theft, sexual activity, lies and drug abuse. This first stage of Vipassana meditation helps to calm and prepare the person for the task of self-observation. The second phase focuses on completing the power on the mind by paying special attention to the breathing process. By the fourth day of training one is personally calm, more relaxed and ready to focus on Vipassana meditation. This is the self-observation part under which a person will focus on understanding the nature of the sensations occurring in the body and can learn how to control the reactions on them. On the last day everyone learns the art of kindness, love and compassion for other creatures.

Vipassana meditation is essentially done to develop a healthy mind through continuous practice. All your problems will not disappear within 10 days👇👇 but you must have learned enough skills to apply Vipassana techniques in your life.

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