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Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas Greenery Panels In India

Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas

Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas Greenery Panels In India



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  • Fencing garden fence, perfect match the enviroment, easy to install.WE RECOMMEND TO PAINT WALL IN GREEN COLOR BEFORE INSTALLING VERTICAL GARDEN GRASS PANELS ON IT. BY DOING THIS WALL AND GRASS PANELS WILL LOOK MORE DENSE AND NATURAL .please calculate area u required by multiplying length x breath of area which needs to be done. each panel is of 40cm x 60cm and covers 2.6 sqft area approx. please order no of panels according to area you required.
  • QUALITY & PATTERN:-Grass finish | Pattern: Grass Panel | Color :Green | Our Panel are made of a premium, waterproof and durable material will last for years without fading.
  • Easily washable and looks like real leaves. Makes your garden beautiful. please measure

Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas  Plants Wall Boxwood
                         Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas Greenery Panels In India
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  • ✔MAKE YOUR WALL GREENER: Make any outdoor & indoor wall space of your house prettier with the Artificial Grass Tiles. Install them in your yard, deck, balcony, garden wall. Have picnics and enjoy warm summer days lying on the Above Edge Synthetic Grass
  • ✔EASY DIY INSTALLATION: You do NOT need any tools to install the Grass Wall Tiles, nor any special knowledge. Easy and quick to install. Use it to quickly hide unwanted areas. Green leaves wall mat designs for indoor outdoor decor such as: weddings or parties background wall, local store background wall, pubs, restaurants, office, private space or home garden fence.
  • ✔SAFE AND LOW MAINTAINENCE: The decorative plastic leaves require minimal maintenance and many are UV treated for Indian conditions, so they’ll look great for years to come.
  • ✔DURABLE & NATURALLSTIC LOOK : Durable , Naturalistic look, looks like real plants and easy to apply, remove and reuse without leaving damage or residue.
  • ✔8 RECTANGULAR WALL TILES: This is Set of 8 rectangular Interlocking Glass Tiles. Each tile has the same dimensions, 16 x 24 x 1.5 inches.

VATIKA FLOWER Artificial Plants Wall Boxwood Hedge Grass

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  • Good Quality Plastic Leaves
  • looks natural, zero maintenance, aesthetic looks, easy installation process, ready made tiles (with all kinds of leaves and flowers)
  • Suitable for terraces, building facades, compound walls, balcony walls, highlight walls, unused walls, temporary green walls
  • Light Weight / Package Contents: 1-Piece / Size : 42 cm X 60 CM
  • Practically maintenance. No Watering required, easy to clean with water

GHAAS DARBAR Artificial Vertical Small Plastic Leaves




Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas

  • Easily washable
  • Natural looking
  • Good Quality Plastic Leaves
  • Light Weight

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                         Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas Greenery Panels In India

Grab a pen and pad of paper so you can take some notes and jot down your thoughts as we walk through capturing your new, low-maintenance dream lawn, landscape or green vision.

What does the area look like upon completion?

To help you visualize, you can pick up and browse through garden and landscape magazines. Visit the home show to see the exhibits, visit the garden and landscape websites, and watch the TV show to help Spark Ideas! Even driving around the area to see what attracts you to other landscape designs can help you create a palette of ideas to create your wish list for your new project.

Thinking before making an estimate will help you to describe to your designer or contractor what you want in this area and most importantly, to envision appropriate solutions to meet your wants and needs of the site Will help them – they are, later. All in all, to help keep your expertise there and know how to work to help you build your dream project.

To find a professional designer in your area, for anyone near you in the United States – APLD – check online with the Association of Professional Landscapes.

Important things that can affect the cost of installing artificial turf:

Site access – Stairs, slopes and other obstacles create delays and increase labor costs

The site preparation requirement will determine approximately 30% of the cost of your labor. Demolition, excavation, grading and additional structures should be included in your budget

What are the high traffic patterns of the area – will you need to add a walkway, a meeting wall, or perhaps a new courtyard or stone courtyard?

Do you see any landscape features you want to change, such as the location or size of a lawn or garden, or perhaps irrigation, drainage, planters, adding or removing barbecue. Gas or propane, fireplace, light or water features?

. Examine every aspect of the jobsite – are there any items that you should add to your list that may require repair, replacement, or repair? Then, write these items on your wish list to discuss with your designer or contractor…

Is your area well drained – can it be improved?

Artificial turf installers normally provide complete services including excavation, drainage and installation and modification to your landscape needs.

Renewals can present interesting challenges – keep them in mind! Demolition and removal costs can add dollars to time, labor, cargo, containers, and landfill costs.

To reduce your personal expenses, you can invest some private equity in the project. Find out what you can do to help build a site for the entrepreneur; This can be as simple as removing the existing area of ​​the lawn.

. Learn about artificial turf materials, how they are made, their use, specific installation guidelines, and any local design or building codes that require specific action from you.

As an example, some homeowners and merchant associations (retail and office buildings) require that you submit plans for new projects and obtain approval before construction.


The original purpose of the creators of artificial turf was to use it on outdoor spaces such as playgrounds and playgrounds. It has also been found useful for recreational and residential use, but the capacity of synthetic turf does not end there.

Artificial Grass and Its Other Uses

Due to the nature of artificial turf, it is easy for people to manipulate it and achieve the desired shape and size as needed. It is a kind of thing for everyone. It can be put to good use by people in the hospitality industry. You see, the reason for producing fake weed for the first time is that it was difficult to grow at certain times of the year, especially at a time when the weather is not cooperating. People wanted to see green all year because it is nice to see grass, especially green grass because it gives you a feeling of coolness.

The creation of synthetic turf made it possible to create and recreate such environments even on hardened cement. It does not matter whether the place is deserted or not, you can start shiny green grass in this area by introducing synthetic grass. This is particularly useful for establishments such as restaurants with outdoor locations. Even small spaces such as outdoor smokehouses can touch a bit of green. You can offer the experience of having a real lawn under your feet without having to maintain a real lawn. The good thing is that artificial lawns are also resistant to frequent mowing from customers and require very little maintenance, which makes them really practical and easy to handle.

Other Artificial Grass Ideas

The visual appeal of real weed is similar to that of fake weed. You can hardly tell the difference. And the aesthetic value for a location is definitely good for business, especially in the hospitality industry.

The use of synthetic turf for outdoor use is also not prohibited. You can use it indoors to enhance an architectural feature of your building, or you can also incorporate it into your interior design. You can also use it to layer your countertop or even cover an accent wall with it. With the use of synthetic turf, you can create an environment and experience like no one else. With artificial turf, yo

                         Artificial Grass for Wall |Ideas Greenery Panels In India


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