9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup kit Pric love yourself India 2021

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9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup kit pric love yourself India 2021

9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup

Dazller Eterna Mascara (Black) Waterproof 

9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup kit pric love yourself India 2021



  • Voluminizing
  • Smudge – free
  • Enhanced with herbals
  • FREE INSIDE Dazller Eterna Eyeliner Waterproof with Herbals, 7.5g
  • Vegan; Cruelty free; Not tested on animals.

Aqua, Propylene glycol, VP/ Hexadecene copolymer, Synthetic beeswax, Stearic acid, Polyvinyl pyrrolidone, Copernicia cerifera(Carnauba) Wax, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Glyceryl stearate, Sorbitan Olivate, Cellulose gum, Anthemis nobilis flower extract, Calendula officinalis flower Extract, Camellia sinensis leaf oil, Eclipta alba Extract, Emblica Officinalis fruit extract, Euthrasia officinalis Extract, Persea Gratissima(Avocado) Oil, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Terminalia chebula extract, Xanthan gum, May contain

Dazller Eterna Foundation





  • Daily wear Foundation.
  • Buildable coverage.
  • For dry skin type.
  • Available in 12 shades, Net 9g.
  • Vegan; Cruelty free; Not tested on animals.

Eyetex Dazller Luminous Liquid Makeup Pink

9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup kit pric love yourself India 2021




We’re all in for that flawless look. The luminous liquid makeup is light on the skin, super buildable and adds flawless finish to your makeup looks. Suitable for oily skin types, it lasts long and is available in 12 shades. The luminous look can be yours with Dazller.

Eyetex Dazller Face Powder Soft Caramel

9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup kit pric love yourself India 2021




  • Classic Powder Foundation.
  • Matte, Comfort-wear, Silicone-free.
  • For all skin types.
  • Available in 12 shades, Net 30g.
  • Vegan; Cruelty free; Not tested on animals.

Dazller Eterna Majestique Make-up stick 

9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup kit pric love yourself India 2021 





  • FREE Eyetex Dazller Skin Moisturizer
  • Concealer + Foundation
  • High coverage. Enriched with Herbals
  • For dry skin type
  • Available in 12 shades

Dazller Eterna Marvelous Foundation 

9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup kit pric love yourself India 2021




  • Light-weight, Buildable coverage.
  • For oily skin type.
  • Enriched with Herbal actives.
  • Available in 12 shades.
  • Vegan; Cruelty free; Not tested on animals. Roll over image to zoom in
  • Long Stay, Lip Colour, Matte.
  • Comfortable for 8 hours wear.
  • Enriched with Jojoba oil & Wheat Germ oil.
  • Vegan; Cruelty free; Not tested on animals.

How to look more beautiful with safe mineral makeup 9 + Dazller Eterna Makeup

Every woman’s dream is to look beautiful and attractive, for which she uses natural makeup, mineral makeup and many beauty products for girls makeup. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you do enough research before selecting the right cosmetics and brand to suit your needs. So on the move to choose a product or brand make sure that all those products are special and safe and the product should be the best and safest natural ingredients for girls makeup.

Favorite makeup is an important part of a woman’s lifestyle, so no one should compromise the quality of cosmetics. Choosing the right brand of cosmetics is half the work, if you are very protective about your look, then choose the best and right cosmetics that do not contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, when you shop, you just need to know about the beauty products that you are going to use like mineral face paint. I just want to tell you about a new line of natural makeup designed for young girls. Products that provide safe and healthy makeup for girls should be used, so if you like makeup, but you don’t like the chemicals in the makeup kit, use the best option.

Often people are more interested in lower prices and lower grade products than high quality products. Do not compromise on the quality of products because your face is most important to you. By choosing fewer products, you will not only compromise with safe beauty, but may also lose the attractiveness of your face. Therefore, if you want to get the right cosmetics then you can look for the best cosmetics.

One of the best reasons to use neutral makeup is that it does not harm the user’s face or skin. It gives health and beauty benefits to the user. Makeup not only comes in all shades and shades, it also promotes skin that is smoother and clearer than normal. Thus, you can keep your face more attractive.

If you are a style fan, then it is important that your wardrobe carries the best makeup and cosmetics. Products must be effective and safe, the consumer must ensure that the products are free from chemicals and harmful monuments.

Synthetic cosmetic products can cause the following harmful effects –

* Severe burning or burning sensation

* Coma or death due to respiratory failure

* Dizziness and headache

* Nervous depression

*nausea and vomiting

* Eye damage or pain

* Fainting and collapse

To stay safe from these effects, use neutral makeup products free of harmful chemicals

Best makeup beauty tips for teenage girls

The first thing that attracts teenage girls other than boys is makeup! Girls probably have it in their genes to be attracted to makeup. They love to dress and put on agents that seem impossible for boys. No wonder, they are so different!

Internet is a very big place and you will get beauty tips for older women. But there are rarely good articles and there is probably no article that pays in-depth attention to makeup tips for teenage girls.

Top Tips for Teenage Girl Makeup

Go Colorful: This is an advantage with teenage girls. They can be colorful and funky without attracting comments like ‘weird’ and ‘weird’. They can experiment with more colors and more variations.

Hair: Because they are endowed with a good amount of hair, they can provide a wide variety of styles. Check with your local salon or internet to find a hairstyle that suits your face. This is less common in older women because most of the time, they are trying to cover their bald wigs with wigs and what not – thanks to the polluted environment we live in!

Eyes: Nothing is more classic than a simple black eyeliner applied to borders. The face and eyes look different than ever and attract lots of brilliant comments. Sometimes, you can try some cool and funky eyeliner, but don’t make it a habit.

Eye lashes: Fake eye lashes are passive and undoubtedly look bad. Do not climb too high. If you are invited to a theme party, make sure your eye redness looks as funky as ever. Mascara mascara may not look great for your mother, but works for a teenager!

Nose: The nose is a place that appears only for perforation. No painting can be made on it, only if you want to look like a clown! A simple round and thin piece of jewelry feels cool on the nose. You can also go for some studs on the nose – they look great.

Ears: Girls now have several options to get one ear pierced. Gone are the days when girls had just pierced their ear lobes. Piercing an upper ear with a dangling little earring looks great and sexy. A greater number of piercings and you will face the problem of infection.

Last: The best makeup is any make-up if you believe us! Teenage skin of a girl should not be exploited with chemicals and paraphernalia. Try and have a classic and minimalistic makeup and you won’t regret it later. For example, since your lips are naturally pink or little red, you don’t really need to apply lipstick. A simple lip gloss alone will suffice!


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